WEEK 34:

We have a little over 3 weeks left of school! This week we are having our last round of NWEA testing. (Monday-Reading, Tuesday- Math, and Wednesday-Language) We know the students will do great! Remember to remind them to get a good nights rest and eat a yummy filling breakfast.
This Week in Language Arts:
  • We will be completing an end of the year project over each student’s favorite book, of their choice, they have read this year. Students are being given a lot of freedom in the ways they present their knowledge about the book and the skills we have learned this year(diorama, mobile, song, video, newspaper, art collage, poster, etc.). ¬†This week we will be starting the process of crafting and building our presentations. Students should bring any materials they will need to work on their project.
  • Wednesday- Sentence/Parts of Speech Quick Check
  • Friday-Grammar Post Test (Students have been studying their study guides since last Monday)
I have finished uploading grades of any late work students turned this in week! Students are doing a great job getting caught up if they missed school or needed to take a second look at an assignment. I am so proud of these soon-to-be sixth graders! ūüôā


WEEK 33:

We are continuing our Poetry Unit this week and finishing up some  activities in our stations.

This Week’s Announcements:

  • Poetry Quick Check Wednesday (5/3)
  • Word Study Quiz Friday (5/5)
  • Grammar Post Test NEXT Friday (5/12)

WEEK 31:

This Week-

  • ISTEP Part Two in the mornings
  • Historical Fiction Book Review Project Due Friday, April 21st
  • Writing use the ACES strategy practice



WEEK 30:

This Week-

  • Historical Fiction Book Review Project Due NEXT Friday, April 21st
  • Station work due Friday
  • ISTEP Preparation



WEEK 29:

This Week’s Overview:

  • Finish our Review Study Guide (QUIZ is on WEDNESDAY)
  • Extra Credit Opportunity Due Date Moved to WEDNESDAY
  • Our goal for our Historical Fiction reading is to finish the book before the day we get back from Spring Break. I am so impressed with our students reading planning and how many students have already finished their reading great job!
    • Student have been given 3 weeks (in stations and able to take the book home) to complete the reading.
    • I can’t wait to read the students’ book reviews that we will begin AFTER break.



WEEK 28:

This Week’s Focus:

  • Historical Fiction Book Review Project (students will begin reading their books in class in book clubs)
  • Author’s Claim
  • Review Commas
  • Extra Credit Opportunity Due FRIDAY
  • Word Study Quiz Due FRIDAY

Wednesday March 22nd- March 29th will be a review of Author’s Claim, Commas, Dialogue, and Figurative Language. Students will have a review Quiz on Wednesday, March 30th. This will be something we will review in class and outside of class through a study guide.



WEEK 27:

This Week’s Focus:

  • Historical Fiction Book Review Project (students will begin reading their books in class in book clubs)
  • Commas
  • Author’s Claim

Our word study quiz will be NEXT week to give students more time to get used to being in the new trimester!



WEEK 26:


Time is flying by! Before you know it you all will be sixth graders! Crazy to think ūüôā

This Week’s Focus:

  • Dialogue in our writing
  • Idioms, adages, and proverbs
  • Reviewing comprehension strategies

We will also we introducing a new Historical Fiction Book Review Project that we will begin the week of March 13th. More information to come!


WEEK 25:

Monday: Word Study Quiz

Tuesday- Thursday: ISTEP

Friday: LIBRARY & End of Trimester 2

WEEK 24:

Grades still to be uploaded and taken this Trimester:
  • Perfect Verb Tense Quick Check (15 points- going over tomorrow and uploading tomorrow night)
  • Reading Requirement 3 (Friday Feb. 24th)
  • Word Study Quiz 10 (Monday Feb. 27th)
This week we will be finishing up our unit on paired text reading and reviewing our core reading comprehension skills as we approach ISTEP.
  • ISTEP is Tuesday, February 28th¬†– ¬†Thursday, March 2nd


WEEK 23:

This Weeks Focus-

  • Paired Reading Text
  • New Word Study Lists
  • Prepositions


Trimester Two: Ends March 3rd

Word Study Quizzes will be returned Wednesday!

Word Study Quiz 10 will be Feb. 27th

WEEK 22:

Use this fun song to practice your prepositions!

Preposition Jingle

Preposition Practice Extra Credit opportunity this FRIDAY!

This week’s student station checklist-

February 7th-February 10th

Station Checklist:

  • Read to Self
    • What book are you reading? _________________________________________________
    • Pg # _____
  • Listen to Reading-

My group is reading: _________________________________________.

Summarize your reading in this station in ONE sentence-


  • Teacher Station-

What is one thing you learned with Miss Rairdon this week? ____________________________________________________________________________

  • Word Study Station-
    • Three new words that work fit your pattern:
Rule 1:___________ Rule 2:___________ Rule 3:___________
  • Application Station
  • Reading Skills Station
  • Writing Skills Station-
    • One Sentence Summary: _______________________________________________________________
  • Fluency Station

Station work is due FRIDAY, February 10th!

WEEK 21: 

January 30th- February 3rd

Station Checklist:

  • Read to Self
  • Listen to Reading-
    • My group is reading: _________________________________________.
    • Summarize your reading in this station in ONE sentence-


  • Teacher Station-
    • What is on thing you learned with Miss Rairdon this week? __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Word Study Station-
    • Write one sentence using each confusing word- (affect & effect)
    • 1._________________________________________________________________________________________________
    • 2.________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Application Station
  • Reading Skills Station- summarizing activity
  • Writing Skills Station- Newspaper Final Draft
  • Fluency Station- Reader’s Theater

Station work is due FRIDAY, February 3rd!

Word Study Quiz Next Friday February 10th!



WEEK 20:

Introducing new stations!!

Station Checklist:

  • Read to Self
  • Listening to Reading
  • Fluency- Finish your obituary rough draft
  • Writing Skills- Finish your important article rough draft
  • Teacher Station- Future Perfect Verb Tense Practice
  • Word Study- Make your own word list & Practice
  • Application Station- Make your own word list & Practice continued
  • Reading Skills- Reading and Questions

Turn in your station folder with the following tasks completed by FRIDAY.

WEEK 19:


Reading Surveys

Newspaper Rubrics – students will be helping to create their own rubric for this project.

Present Perfect Verb Tense


Review Present Perfect Verb Tense

Station Work


Station Work


LIBRARY & Word Study Quiz


WEEK 18: 

We will be finishing up our Jamestown commercials and introducing our Who Was book project!
Wednesday & Thursday-
Will be reviewing and reteaching in stations for the kiddos who may have slept between now and the last lessons.
LIBRARY VISIT and reviewing types of sentences as a class.
Next Week: We will be getting back to our normal routine of whole class lessons and stations to cover persuasive writing and work on the Who Was projects(more information to come on these).

WEEK 17:

  • Word Study Quiz Friday
  • Continue Reading

WEEK 16:

This week we will be exploring Jamestown through some interesting reading and our station work.

Homework this week:

  • Song Lyric Project Due Friday
  • Station Mini Assessment Friday
  • Word Study Quiz will be NEXT Friday. Study Hard!!
  • Continue your reading at home!



WEEK 15: November 28th-December 2nd

This week we will be exploring the Lost Colony of Roanoke through some interesting reading and our station work.

Our structure of our classes from now on will be the following:

Monday: Whole Class Instruction

Tuesday-Thursday: Station Work

Friday: Assessment Day

Homework this week:

  • Read 30 minutes a night
  • Study Your Word Study List
  • Song Project Due¬†NEXT Friday


WEEK 14: November 14th- November 18th

This week is fun of fun opportunities for our kiddos!


Whole Class Instruction over Types of Sentences (Simple, Compound, and Complex)



Shortened Schedule due to Girls Assembly for the Kind Campaign (Boys will be in the room doing a team bonding and teamwork workshop/video)

Exploring the use of audiobooks and what resources our Westfield Washington Public Library offers for FREE!

HW: Continue working on our week packet at home.


FIELD TRIP (Shortened Class Schedule)

HW: tbd


Working on Story Work Packet Due Friday

HW: tbd


Word Study Quiz & Library

HW: Enjoy your weekend!! ūüôā



ATTENTION: Word Study Quiz MOVED to next Friday! 11/18


WEEK 13: November 7th- November 11th

This week’s theme is Elections.

I want students to feel that even without voting they can still make a difference in the world and educate themselves. Students will be receiving a packet on Monday that will give them all the materials they will need for the week hopefully making it easier to keep track of materials.

Due dates this week:

  • END OF TRIMESTER- This Friday (All missing work and assignments must be turned in by this day, 11/11)
  • Word Study Quiz this FRIDAY
  • Reading Requirements Due Friday (I extended the due day from Wednesday to Friday so every student has the same amount of time to work on it during stations.
  • Election Packet Due Thursday¬†


  • Picture Retakes This Friday
  • Be sure to turn in your Field Trip Permission Slips.



WEEK 12: October 31st- November 4th

Mystery Presentations are finally finished!! I am so glad we were able to celebrate the students hard work on these amazing projects!

This week will be spent getting back into the swing of things and slowly transitioning back to our station work.

Monday- Pumpkin Celebration and Presentations

Tuesday- Presentations

Wednesday- Finish presentations and self reflection on our Personal Narratives (are there areas we can improve on to make these narratives above and beyond?)

Thursday- Review Main Idea and Theme, work on Word Study, and Reading time for End of the Trimester Reading Requirement (DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY)

Friday- Main Idea and Supporting Detail, Word Study, and LIBRARY

Next week’s theme: Elections

Homework this week:

Continue working on your End of the Trimester Reading Requirement (DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY) and studying your word study at home!



WEEK 11: October 24th-28th




WEEK 10: (October 10th-October 14th) 

Hi Navigator Families!

Students will continue to work on our Reading requirements and Mystery Pumpkin Projects. Ask your child which mystery novel they chose to read this October! Pumpkin decorating will start after Fall Break.

This week we will be working the following topics in our stations:

  • Word Study Sorts
  • Mystery Pumpkin Project
  • Interjections/Conjunctions
  • Main Idea VS Theme
  • Venn Diagrams and Plot Diagrams

Homework This Week:

  • Continue working on Reading Requirements
  • Continue working on Mystery Pumpkins
  • Study Word Study List (QUIZ ON FRIDAY!!)



WEEK  9: (October 3rd-October 6th) 

No School This Friday!!!  (Oct. 7th)

This week students will be solving the mystery of our missing pet fish, Bubbles. Students will be using their inference skills to find out where their class pet has gone off too!


Word Study:

It’s time for your new Word Study Lists! We will be making our word baggies and recording our word sorts into our composition notebooks.

  • Ask your child to sort their words at home!
  • They can also use their Word Sort Choice Boards to practice at home!¬†


Make your inference as to what happened to Bubbles our fish! After we will be partnering up about working on text message inferences. (Nothing is homework in this station) 

Parts of Speech:

Crime Scene Prepositions- Student will be filling out a half sheet of paper and completing the 10 sentences explaining where the pieces of evidence are located using our prepositional phrase.

(Needs to be Turned in Complete for a Quick Check) 

Figurative Language:

Detective Dim Wit will be telling us a story and we will be finding the examples of Figurative Language within this story. Ask your child about the silly adventure this detective takes us on!

(Answer sheet does need to be turned in)


This week we will be editing and revising our personal narratives.

Teacher Station:

Personal narratives continued…

Personal Narratives are due Thursday!



  • Make sure to check Dojo for reminders and daily updates about what is going on in the Navigator Hallway!
  • Homeroom Reminders: Please check that you have scheduled a Parent Teacher conference!
  • Look for an email Wednesday. We will be starting a fun new project this October and may need some parent assistance in the classroom!




WEEK 8: (September 27th- September 30th)

I can’t believe we are finished reading Because of Mr. Terupt! This week we will be exploring our stations by using our story works magazine articles. You will use your Story Works reading to complete all of the stations and classwork this week.


Word Study:

Word Study Quiz will be this Friday! Make sure you are bringing your word baggies and word study handouts home to work on your word sorts and confusing words!


During the reading station this week we will be reading the article “The Flaming Sky” in your Story Works and answering comprehensive questions over the reading.

Parts of Speech:

During the Parts of Speech Station you will be reading about “The Coolest Dog in America” and completing a word hunt for the parts of speech we have been talking about!

Figurative Language:

At the Figurative Language Station, you will be complete a newspaper quick check to test your skills over the figurative language we have been practicing.


In your writing stations, an article discussing “Dinosaur Poop” (YES YOU HEARD THAT CORRECT) will be helping you practice your paragraph writing skills.

Teacher Station:

When you come to the Teacher Station we will be working together to practice your word sorts in preparation for Friday! Let’s Study Hard!!



  • Keep on the look out for more information coming home about our transition to Dojo.
  • Make sure you have signed up for a parent/teacher conference!
  • Grades have just been updated as of Monday September 26th. I will be meeting with students this week who are missing more than one assignment in the grade book.



WEEK 7: (September 19th-September 23rd)

Hi Navigators! I am so excited for stations this week! We got to explore personification, onomatopoeia, hyperboles, and we learned more about our friends from Because of Mr. Terupt. We will start of reading on page 212 where we left of on Monday!

What do you predict will happen to Mr. Terupt???


Word Study:

We will start our new lists and pass back your word study quizzes! Let’s start studying!!

Word Study Quiz Next Friday September 30th!


This week you will work independently on reading a article about the famous 9/11 flag and answering some questions that follow the reading.

What did you learn about 9/11 last week with Mrs. Alford? ūüôā

Parts of Speech:

Who can build the best PAPER AIRPLANE?! Yes, I said airplane! I can’t wait to show you how paper airplanes can teach us about PREPOSITIONS!

Figurative Language:

Figurative Language Review! We will be reviewing with fun flash card games and getting creative with how to tell our classmates what we have learned. Maybe we will even get musical with it!


We will continue writing our personal narratives and typing! After we are done we will be editing/revising with partners.

(Papers Due Friday)

Teacher Station:

Prepositions Continued….



WEEK 6 – September 12-17th:

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I look forward to starting our new stations this week! I spent all weekend transforming our classroom into a station centered classroom. Ask your student what animal group they are in! (They are all camping themed animals)

This Week’s Homework:

What ever they don’t finish in stations will be homework.

Word Study: Quiz is on Friday. Continue studying your words.

Reading: Work on your Reading Requirements Midterm Project Due Friday!!

Parts of Speech: Complete your book page.

Figurative Language: We will have two 1/2 sheets. These will not be turned in but kept in your language arts folder as a reference.

Writing: Personal Narrative Writing. Finish your rough draft so we can start typing on Wednesday and Thursday!



Week 5- September 6th to September 9th:

Hi Navigators! I hope everyone enjoyed their 3-day weekend! I am so excited for this Tuesday. We will be starting our classroom stations. This week we will explore our new Language Arts Stations:

  • Station 1: Independent Reading
  • Station 2A: Word Study (Words Their Way)
  • Station 2B: Writing
  • Station 3A: Figurative Language
  • Station 3B: Parts of Speech

Students will continue to be working on their WORDS THEIR WAY lists and BECAUSE OF MR. TERUPT as we navigate through our new stations!


  • Word Study¬†Quiz Friday 9/9
  • Scholastic Book Orders Due 9/12
  • PARENTS: Sign up for your Homeroom Parent Teacher Conferences!


Glance at the Week!  August 29th-September 2nd

Important Documents for This Week:


Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.49.01 PM



Turn in your SIGNED Check Registers on Monday!

Words Study Test is this MONDAY! (Remember you can use your Composition Notes on this test!)

You will all do great!!


Welcome to the Class of 2024!

I can’t believe it is week three! This page is where you can find our Week at a Glance Menus¬†each week. We have started our first class novel, Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea, together. The next few weeks our classwork will center around this novel about seven students in the 5th grade that are learning to get to know each other and their new teacher.

Glance at the Week Menu:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 5.53.10 PM

Homeroom Reminders: 

Bring in your “What Does Family Look Like to You” picture for our We Are Family Wall!