Welcome to Social Studies, Navigators!!

January 9th:  Each  early English settlement in the new world faced challenges, suffered loss, and had to adapt to its environment.  If you could go back in time and offer a piece of advice to one of the early settlements, which colony would you chose and what piece of advice would you give them? 2 Extra Effort points to any student that writes down their answers to the above questions.


January 4th:  If you are ever on a trivia show like Jeopardy, The Wall, or Who wants to be a Millionaire, remember that the first permanent English settlement was Jamestown!!  If you bring in a piece of paper with two hardships that the colonists faced in during their time at Jamestown, I will give you 1 extra effort point.


November 29th:  Tomorrow we will begin investigating the History Mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke!!  Do a quick Google search, or ask a parent/sibling/friend what they know about this colony to build your background knowledge!  I can’t wait to dive into this topic with you!

November 28th: Follow the following link to learn more about Martin Luther and the Reformation.


November 18th:  The Columbian Exchange changed life for those in the New World (Americas) and the Old World (Europe, Asia, and Africa).  Use the following Google Slides presentation to help reinforce classroom learning.


November 1st:  The electoral college is made up of 538 representatives who actually elect the president.  Did you know that the electoral college doesn’t even meet until December?  Watch the video below to learn more!

October 28th:  As an American citizen we are blessed to have many important rights.  As American citizens we also have great responsibilities to take care of and improve our country.  Discuss with your parents two rights and two responsibilities you learned about in class today.  You can use pages IN54-55 to help you remember our discussion.

October 25th:  Can you believe that there are only 3 Constitutional requirements for becoming a president?  If you could add 4 more requirements, what would they be?  Why would you pick those?

Do the current candidates reflect your choices?

October 12th:  Spanish conquistadors are on the horizon.  Today, we explored the travels of Ponce de Leon and Hernando Cortes.  What do you believe were their greatest accomplishements?  What do you still want to know?

Ponce de Leon:


September 28th:  We’re off to EXPLORE!!  The earliest Europeans to reach North America were VIKINGS, not Christopher Columbus!  Also, Vikings did not wear horned helmets.  I hope that you are ready for trials and tribulations we are about to encounter as we visit new lands, meet new people, and face unknown dangers!  HOLD ON TIGHT!!

Video of Leif Erikson and Erik the Red


September 19th:  Early civilizations left us with many amazing technological advancements like the calendar, irrigation, and CHOCOLATE!  Here are the videos from class today, if you want to take another look.

September 16th:  Great job annotating your textbooks!  I had a great time discussing ancient Americans with you!  Here is a quick video to reinforce your learning! Be studying your states!!

September 14th: Today, we officially wrapped up our unit of study over the regions of the United States of America!  I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the physical features, climate, culture, and landmarks of your country!  Next up…Native Americans!  Dust off the brain cobwebs, I know you have lots of knowledge about this topic from your 4th-grade studies!

Remember to keep studying your states and capitals!!  Here is a great link for practice!


September 6th:  Regions presentations are tomorrow!!  I am so excited for you to share all of your new knowledge with your classmates.  This week, we are focusing on state identification of the Midwest states!!  Have fun exploring and becoming familiar with this great region we call HOME!

August 30th:  I am so excited about our regions projects!!  I know that your groups are going to create fun, education, personality-filled presentations that transport us to your region.  Be sure that you are working as a team and collaborating to create the very best work you are capable of!  Share with your parents which project type your group chose.  Here are a couple videos to keep you excited about the country and world we live in!!


And, thanks to Dylan for this tour around the world!

Here are the choices of projects each group got to select from.

Regional Amusement Park Project U.S. Regions Personification Project U.S. Regions Commercial Advertisement Project U.S. Regions PowerPoint Project U.S. Regions Travel Brochure Project News show guidelines

August 23rd:  I loved our discussion over the West Region of the United States.  11 states, 1,628,762 square miles, and 60,423,000 people!  Can you name one interesting fact about the West?

Be sure to be practicing the 11 states of the West locations!!  You will have a quiz Friday!

Here is a link that may help you study:


August 22nd:  Are you ready to take a trip around the U.S.?  I can’t wait to introduce you to the 5 regions of the U.S and all 50 states!  Be sure to start studying the West states for your quiz on Friday!!  Which regions have you visited on your family vacations?  Maybe, you should venture off to a new region in the future!  I love seeing all of the state postcards we are receiving!!  Keep them coming in!!




August 18th Update:  Navigators, start paying attention to the maps you see all around you!  Check out Google Maps on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Look at the mall map when you need some new shoes.  Ask your parents if they have any old maps they might be willing to donate to our class.  We are always looking for resources to build our learning library!

What does each of the following maps show?

Political Map:

Physical Map:

Image result for physical map


I am having a great time getting to know you, and introducing you to the world!!  You should be studying your curriculum notebook every night!!  Five to ten minutes is all it takes to prepare yourself for upcoming tests and assignments.  Here are just a couple fun videos to keep your studies fun and educational!

Continents and Oceans:

Latitude and Longitude: