One of the goals listed in the Westfield Washington Schools strategic plan is a safe and healthy environment. The sub goals related to this goal include safety preparedness, satisfaction, and attendance. I will be using this blog site to update you on the steps the district is taking to achieve an exemplary level in regards to these goals and also to explain the many aspects and processes in our district that make up a safe and healthy environment.

    Safety Preparedness

    One of the main focuses of the 2011-12  school year is safety preparedness. Our major focus has been to review and improve all of our safety situations and drills including fire drills, severe weather drills, lockdown drills, evacuation drills, etc. The processes for these drills are reviewed, practiced, debriefed, and improved so that we are prepared as best as possible in the event of an actual situation. Each drill has a specific set of criteria and a rubric in which we rate our preparedness. This data is listed in our strategic plan in the area of safety preparedness and is divided into evacuation and stay in place drills. Our hope is that you hear from our students that they are practicing and reviewing these drills on a regular basis and are aware that an emphasis has been made in the area of safety preparedness. We also continue to grow our wonderful working relationship with the Westfield Police Department and the Westfield Fire Department. They have helped us greatly in developing, reviewing, and improving our plans.

    In upcoming blogs I’ll go into more detail regarding specific situations of safety preparedness.