Westfield Washington Schools has twelve administrators in the district who are certified School Safety Specialists.  Well, what does it mean to be a certified School Safety Specialist?  A certified School Safety Specialist has attended training and been certified by the Indiana Department of Education School Safety Academy.  School Safety Specialists are required to attend annual safety training sessions to remain certified.  During these training sessions, best practices are shared by nationally recognized experts and other school districts throughout the state.  These best practices and then reviewed by our district’s Safety Committee to see if changes or updates need to be made to our safety policies, processes, or practices.  We have made several changes to our safety practices including updating our bomb threat process and also using a new checkout process if we ever have to evacuate and dismiss students from an offsite location.  The job of student and staff safety is one that is never completed.  Westfield Washington Schools district administrators continue to educate themselves and study best practices as the safety of our students and staff members is always our utmost priority.

    Severe Weather Procedures:

    During severe weather or tornado warnings, students and staff members in our schools go to safe and secure locations in our buildings and assume a cover position.  These locations have been recommended and reviewed by the Westfield Fire Department and in some cases by individuals from Hamilton County Emergency Management.  These safe areas are located along interior walls, away from windows, and away from high ceilings.  In the case of this type of emergency situation, it is our practice that we do not dismiss or release students to their parents while the emergency situation is taking place.  We ask that parents waiting outside come into the building and take cover as well as school buildings are some of the safest structures to be in during a severe weather situation.  The reason for not releasing the students to parents includes the previously mentioned fact that it is safer in the school building than being outside in a car and also that in order to ensure the safety of our office staff members, they cannot be locating and releasing students because they also should be taking cover at that time.  Thank you for your understanding and for your support as we work to ensure students, staff members, and parents are safe and sound during severe weather or tornado emergencies.