Research Paper Update-Brown Book Club Only

Students started typing their research papers today. For homework tonight, they should finish typing their first draft. They can access their paper by logging on to google docs. See instructions below.

How To Use Google Docs

  1. Go to
  2. Go to google docs
  3. Sing in as: redscarfgirlbookclub
  4. Password: bookclub
  5. select a blank document and add a title. Your title should be your last name_first name (E.G. Brown_Abigail)
  6. Once you start your typing, your work is automatically save

Helpful Tips

  • To indent, hit the tab button once
  • If a word is misspelled, it will be underlined in red. Right click the word to look for correct spelling.
  • If a group of words is underlined in green, it means that your sentence structure has a mistake in it.