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August 28th~!

Good afternoon!
I hope  you have all had a nice week.  It was nice seeing so many of you drop by for lunch with your children again this week.  My memory is terrible so it’s good to put faces of the parents with the children again, as Back to School Night is such a whirlwind.
I wanted to be sure to let you know I did put a lot of pictures on our classroom website today.  I’ll add descriptions to each later, but wanted you to see your sweet children hard at work.  I also added some great links to math sites if you would like some extra practice or enrichment at home for now.  I’ve not worked through all of them, but they came ranked as top sites for elementary math practice.
Next week for specials we have the following:
*Be sure to return the library books on Monday!!!
Today in class we began the first portion of our math NWEA test.  The children will complete the test on Monday afternoon.  We continued working on our word families from this week and I also introduced the -am family.  We did rhymes with the family, wrote the words in our albums, worked on vocabulary meaning and syntax and sorted families into categories for hands on practice.  The children shared some of the “All About Me” bags that were brought in and it was fun to learn a little more about each child.  Please remember these are due next Monday.  The children had P.E. with Mr. Pribbeno again today and of course had fun as always.  We did some writing practice and the children ended their day with Fun Friday time.
I did want to let you know that homework will officially begin on Monday.  As described at Info Night, we send a packet home on Mondays and the children have four nights to complete it and then it’s due on Friday.  In this first packet, we’ve added notes about each thing we are doing to try and make the process a bit more understandable this first time.
I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to check out the website.  Oh, and when you log on, don’t try too hard to search for your child in the title photo.  That is last year’s group and I’m still trying to figure out how I even got it on there so I can get it off.  Whew, this technology thing gets me sometimes.  ha!
Have a great weekend,
Christie Buonanno

Working on a “David” Craft…

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Wrinkled Heart Character Building Demo…


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Floating “S” Experiment…

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What our words do to others…

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Intro to Science…What is a scientist?


David Shannon Book Study and Character Lessons

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Word Family Practice

1297This week we’ve learned four new word families.  We’ve charted them like this picture, written them in our word albums, played vocabulary games with them for understanding of meaning, and created them with magnetic letters.

A Look At Our First Tree Map…


Starlight Stripes Mint Experiment

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