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A few things to know…

Good afternoon!
I wanted to let you know a few quick things before heading out for the day…
1.  The children have finished their Christmas gifts to all of you and are on their way home with them right now.  I’d HIGHLY suggest getting those from them and opening them RIGHT AWAY, as they are breakable and I’d hate for their hard work to be destroyed.  My fingers are crossed they survive the bus rides home today-yikes!!!
2.  In the children’s backpacks, they have Grinch Dust from today’s special Grinch Day in first grade.  You might also want to get this away from them before your house is shining brightly in green glittered oats.  Just a word of experience!!!
3. The children who have been part of garden club this year are also bringing home their bulbs for you to plant and grow at home.  I’ve placed those in plastic baggies so the dirt won’t hit your floors first thing through the door.  Happy planting and growing.
4.  Tomorrow I am sending home a full set of addition and subtraction flash cards for everyone.  My hopes were to cut and assemble them for everyone, but reality struck and once you see the stack you’ll know why.  It would take me the rest of the year to cut and assemble them for everyone.  This might be a great activity to keep your kiddos busy and then they can put them aside to practice with once finished.
5.  The all school sing will begin at 2:30 on Friday.  The class party will follow at 3:00.  Please know you are welcome to join us for both or just part of something if that works out best.  We’d love to have you!
6.  Tomorrow is P.E.-please have your child wear tennis shoes so Mr. Pribbeno can reward the class.
7. Friday is library day.  Please send library books back so your children can check out new books to read over break.
8. Friday is also pajama day for first grade.  We ask they do not wear slippers, but regular school shoes.  Also, please be sure the jammies are still nice and warm because we will go out to recess as long as it’s not raining.

Class News…

Good evening!

I hope you are all doing well.  This was a very busy, but exciting day in our classroom and I wanted to share some of our day with you…
We started our day in class with a visit from Lucy’s dad, Rick.  He came in and spent the first part of the morning with us to teach us a little about Hanukkah and the traditions of their family this time of year.  Rick and Lucy were so kind as to also give each child their own dreidel to take home today.  I hope your children shared this experience with you when they got home.  Rick showed us a couple of different menorahs that his family made and talked with the class about how and why the candles on the menorah are lit.  We were also introduced to Marve, which is a Mensch on a bench (much like the Elf on the Shelf) and the children heard a book about the Mensch(which means good person).
Directly following Rick’s visit for Hanukkah, we had to rush off to a surprise convocation for Family Reading Week.  Silly Safari visited our school today and the children were introduced to a snake, bullfrog, polar bunny, and hissing cockroaches.  They were very excited by today’s surprise convocation and they did a spectacular job listening and being good audience members.
When we returned from the convocation, we had the pleasure of having Reid’s mom, Jessica, come in and do a Super Scientist lesson with our class.  Jessica and Reid demonstrated dancing raisins and dancing candy canes using sprite.  They learned how the carbon dioxide bubbles helped the raisins and candy canes move up and down (dance) in the liquid.  The children got a huge kick out of this experiment.  We learned that raisins are better dancers than candy canes as well.
The children took their practice spelling test today and we discussed the final ck digraphs in this week’s words.  I was amazed at how many children earned a perfect score on this week’s practice test.
Today we began working on a book as a class that will be available to view at Family Reading night on Thursday and will then be donated to Riley Children’s Hospital.  Because we are currently working on a gingerbread literacy unit, we decided as a class to write our own version of The Gingerbread Man.  Today we began by taking pictures of each of our classmates chasing a gingerbread through the school.  We will be writing the story to match our pictures on Wednesday.  The children had a lot of fun with this!
Family Reading Night is this Thursday from 6-7:30pm.  I think it will be a lot of fun and hope you all can attend.
The Scholastic Book Fair began today at Maple Glen.  If you would like to send money in for your child to shop, please feel free to do so.  I will be sure to send your child down to shop.
We are still in GREAT need of donations for our silent auction basket.  All donations are due on December 17th.  Any art or craft supplies you are able to donate would be extremely appreciated!!!
Last week I sent an email about sending in headphones for your child to use during our daily Fast Forword times.  I greatly appreciate everyone who sent those in.  It has saved me a TON of time cleaning them and allowed me more time to work with the children on the program.  If you’d like to send a pair in and haven’t already, it’s not too late!!!
This week’s special area classes include: Monday-P.E., Tuesday-Library, Wednesday-Art, Thursday-Music, Friday-P.E.
Tomorrow morning I had planned to be out in order to attend a training at Monon Trails.  However, I will now be out in the afternoon as well because my youngest is sick again.  The children know Mrs. Weidner was to be with them in the morning, but she will now be with the class all day.  The last couple of times we had a sub, the behavior of the class was a struggle for her.  Please remind your children to be good listeners and show respect for our guest teacher tomorrow!  I’ll be back on Wednesday as long as everyone is well again.
This week in class we will continue and conclude our gingerbread studies.  We’ve been having a great deal of fun reading the many different versions of this story and doing a lot of comparing and contrasting of the books.  We’ve learned about refrains and compared those between stories as well.  The children have done gingerbread math, syllable sorting of gingerbread people, word making using the letters from gingerbread man, alphabetizing with words from the book.  This week we will also be doing an experiment to see what happens to a gingerbread if he’s caught in the river (water) too long like he is in so many of the stories.
In math we will be reviewing and wrapping up our fact family studies this week.  I encourage you to talk with your children at home to see if they can create a fact family for you.  There are three numbers in every family (big daddy and 2 babies).  The babies are always added together to find the big daddy and the big daddy is always the starting point for the subtraction problems, subtracting one baby to find the other.  For example in the family 2,4, 6 the problems would be: 2+4=6, 4+2=6, 6-2=4, and 6-4=2.
I’ve got to run, but I look forward to this week with your children.  Please let me know if you need anything this week!
Have a great week,
Christie Buonanno