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This week…

This week we have a lot going on and will prove to be a fun week for our students.
We are looking forward to our 100th day in first grade on Friday, January 29th.  The day will be filled with fun activities centered around the number “100”.  I sent home two letters concerning this special day last week so hopefully you saw those.  Children were asked to bring 100 small items in a paper bag that I sent home.  They are also invited to dress like super heroes on Friday for our “100th Day Superheros” theme day.
Tomorrow morning I will be at Washington Woods Elementary School from 8:30-noon for a math training.  If you need anything, shoot me an email and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.
Specials this week include:
Tuesday: Library (please send books back)
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Music
Friday: P.E.
Spelling words this week are long a digraphs, ai and ay.  We will be working hard on these digraph sounds all week.  Please continue to practice at home. 🙂
In science this week we are working through our penguin unit.  Today we dove into a few informational books to start collecting facts about penguins and building on the unit Mrs. Clary already started in the library.  Ask your children if they can tell you any of the fun facts we pulled from our texts today.
During math we will be working through subtraction strategies again, continuing to work in our math journals on word problems, and introducing geometry.
If you are chaperoning the upcoming field trip and have not yet turned in money, please know the chaperon fees are $10.50.  If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let me know so we can find an alternate adult to help us.
I’ll send you more updates as the week progresses.  I’m sorry this is short and to the point, but I’ve got to run out to get my little guy before the daycare closes.  Yikes!

Highlights from Last Week in Class…

Happy Monday to all of you!  I hope you had a nice weekend.
Last week we kept extremely busy in class and I wanted to just highlight a few things for you…
Social Studies-We spent the week talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the brave, strong man he was.  We spent time talking about how he helped change the world and the dreams he had for the people in our world.  Our conversations centered around equality, acceptance of others, kindness, hard work, and strength.  The children listened to several wonderful picture books about Dr. King and we also dove into some Scholastic Readers with factual information about Dr. King.  We talked about all the many ways we are different and how those differences make us special.  To demonstrate differences, we did a demonstration using two different colored eggs.  We observed the different colored shells on the two eggs and then broke them open to find out that the insides were identical.  The children talked about how the inside of the eggs were like their “feelings” and we all have the same insides and feelings even though we may look different on the outside and we shouldn’t treat each other differently because of our outer shells.
Reading/Language Skills- Last week we worked on summarizing information in books we read and practiced making inferences.  We continued using our winter/snow books for these skills.  We worked on identifying long vowel e sounds, differentiating long vowel sounds, and medial sound substitutions as review skills.  Other skills reviewed and practiced included: identifying long vowel i sounds, blending and segmenting phonemes, and initial sound substitutions.
Math-Last week we spent more time reviewing and practicing our subtraction strategies.  Strategies taught to the children for subtraction include: minus zero, a number minus itself, counting back, counting up, thinking addition, tens partners, doubles, and minus ten.  We also spent a great deal of time working on word problems in math and using words, pictures, and numbers to justify thinking.  We also continued our practice with place value all the way to the hundredths place.
Science-We were light on science last week due to our focus on MLK Day.  Luckily we had a surprise Super Scientist present a fun experiment to the class.  Landon Paradise and his mom came in and painted a volcano with the class and then used dish soap, vinegar and baking soda to demonstrate a chemical reaction to the class.  Of course they loved this!!!  Thank you Landon and Melissa for this fun time in class!!!

Week of January 4th…

Good morning!
Welcome back!  I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a nice restful time with your families.  It was wonderful to see all of your children back in class yesterday.  We jumped right back into the swing of things and kept very busy as usual.
Just a few quick things to get us started for the week…
We’ve begun the January contest for “Box Tops for Education”.  Please send in as many box tops as you can between January 4th and January 29th.  There is a contest going on between classes and the class that brings the most will earn 15 minutes of extra recess time.  This is huge to the children!!!  🙂  Please put them in a baggie with ‘Buonanno’ listed on it.  Box tops can be found on: General Mills cereal, Pillsbury rolls, Go-Gurt, Betty Crocker fruit snacks and cake mixes, Hamburger Helper, Bisquick, and Huggies.  For a full list of products, go to
This weeks specials include:
Monday: Art
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: P.E.
Thursday: Library
Friday: Art
This week in class looks like…
Math:  We are reviewing fact families and subtraction strategies all week.  Children are finding missing parts in their fact families and working with number bonds with totals up to 20.
Science: This week in science we are learning about the three types of winter animals: migrators, adaptors, and hibernators.  We will also be doing an experiment so the children can see how blubber or fat on an animal helps to keep them warm.
Spelling:  This weeks words are focused on the digraphs -ch and -wh.  To help us work with these sounds, we will be doing a great deal of writing and word play.  The -wh sound always tends to be harder for the children so we will weigh a bit heavier in our work with that.
Writing:  We are working on writing beginning, middle, and ending story responses and building detail in our writing and retelling of stories.
PALS: The students started in their new reading groups yesterday.  They will remain in these new groups for approximately nine weeks before rotating again.
Reading:  All of our stories this week are about winter and snowmen.  We are working on story elements and recalling facts from what we read.  Students are also working to identify the main idea and also central message in stories.  Of course we put some fun craft and writing activities with each story as well.  We’ve also begun working again on inferrencing.
Grammar: We are currently reviewing parts of speech: nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  We’ve also been working on alphabetizing to the third and fourth letter in a word.  Yesterday we worked with making words plural and learning when to us -s or -es.  This week we will also be working with antonyms and synonyms in our daily review work.
Yesterday I sent home the flash cards for addition I promised you before break.  Things got busy and I spaced sending them.  So sorry!!!
More information and updates to come as the week progresses.  Have a wonderful day!