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Classroom News

Happy Friday!
I wanted to give you a quick overview of our week and a few dates to mark on your calendar…
This week we have been really hard at work in the classroom.  I am super excited about all we’ve accomplished and covered in our time together.
In math, we’ve been working hard all week on non-standard measurement.  Students have used different non-standard items to measure and compare.  We’ve worked on customary units of measurement and also discussed the metric system.  Next week we will complete our standard units of measurement and do a few fun centers and hands on with measurement.
Thank you for your hard work helping your children on their animal reports.  I’ve been sitting and going through them with each child and have learned so much myself from their reports.  We’ve been working extremely hard this week at taking the information from their reports and transferring it to an informational piece of writing, their own hard back book to keep.  We’ve worked on the front cover this week and talked about how a cover can tell us so much of a story if it’s done right.  We’ve created a title page and illustrated it and also began writing an “about the author” page.  Today we worked especially hard and completed writing all of the words to our book.  Next week we will work to complete the illustrations, table of contents and dedication pages.
For social studies, we’ve been working really hard on map skills.  Children have worked with directions (north, south, east, west), learned to follow a grid, and worked with legends.  We’ve talked about the states that make up our country and gone on a map scavenger hunt.  This has been a lot of hard work, but the children have really enjoyed working with the maps and learning new things.  We will finish our map studies next week.
This was the last week for homework packets.  I can hear you cheering!!!  Also, the students took their last spelling test today.  As you know from studying with them, this week’s spelling focus was on the variant vowel -or sound.  We will use the next couple of weeks to review the spelling skills they’ve learned this school year.
NWEA testing, the final round of the year, will start on May 23rd for our class and conclude May 26th.  Be sure your child sleeps and eats well during this week and knows this test is NOT a race, as it is extremely important for them to take serious.
Congrats to Sloane Staley for earning the final Guiding Principle ribbon of the year!  And, congrats to Lucy Goldstein for earning the final Lunch Bunch award for this school year.
Congratulations to the two boys in our room who completed all levels of addition and subtraction on the Math Magician Challenge.  These two boys were Connor Brown and Maverick Beier.
Happy birthday to Stella Trogadis this week!
Please mark your calendars for the following dates:
5/17: I am out from 10-2 to attend a kindergarten trip with my son
5/18: Final Lunch Bunch of the Year
5/20: Team Sports Theme Day in First Grade and our Field Day
5/24: 4th Grade Talent Show Convo
5/27: First Grade Movie Day with Dr. Montalone and Indy 500 Theme Day for our Class (wear black and white)
5/30: No School/Memorial Day
5/31: MGES First Grade Zoo (invitation was emailed today)
6/1: Outdoor/Insect Theme Day for First Grade/I’ll be out in the afternoon to attend my son’s kindergarten graduation at MGES
6/2: Last Day Celebrations!

Central Park Field Trip

I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy this beautiful day.  We had an amazing time out at Central Park today and are sorry we couldn’t have you all there with us!
Thank you to Mr. Hicks, Mr. Holt, and Mrs. Beier for serving as our chaperons.  We appreciated you being there with us today and hope you had fun too!
I have several pictures to share with all of you, but will try to send them from home tonight, as it’s not working from here.  🙁
We started the day by hiking two miles through Central Park.  The children got down and dirty in the first five minutes there by searching for earthworms in the dirt.  They had the best time digging through the dirt and finding worms.  They learned how to figure out which end of the worm is the head and which was the tail.  Some even learned the hard way that worms…poop!  That was a learning experience they weren’t expecting!  Ha!
The naturalist that guided our group today spent time talking with the children about the different types of wood in their nature area and also pointed out all of the bird sounds.  The children had the opportunity to learn about different plant types and to smell and feel differences between the plants.  We found ant colonies and learned about the insects that are killing all of the ash trees here in Hamilton County.
After a nice, quiet picnic lunch, the children played a little tag and enjoyed some running time and then our guide brought out all kinds of fun creatures.  We saw a painted turtle, frogs, toads, and even a constrictor snake which some of our friends were brave enough to hold.  We even saw a toad eat a big, juicy worm and learned how they swallow.  I have a video to share with you so nobody has to miss this experience. LOL!
It was a very relaxed, laid back trip and it was fun to see the children so free in their learning.  We truly couldn’t have hoped for a better day to be outside learning and having fun.  The one thing they kept telling me they didn’t like was all the walking.  Soooo… I hope they are good and tired for you tonight so you can relax and enjoy the night with them!

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