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BYOT Digital Resource Content Committee

All,  Some of us were able to talk yesterday but I wanted to outline what was discussed for those who were not there and maybe not even aware they are on this committee group.  First here is a link  to the Resources page that we are in charge of.  Please take a look if you haven’t already.  There will be changes made frequently so check back often.  Here is the status of topics that I could come up with at the moment please add or remove what is needed.


Structure – Currently on the page there is a heading for each category with links listed beneath.  We are going to change this structure.  The headings will now link to a separate page where the resources for that category are listed to keep the pages from being miles long. OWNER: Zach B.


Content direction – This was not discussed at length yesterday and I am hoping Dr. Mundy will tell us what he would like.  The current content is steered toward Web 2.0 teaching more so than BYOT.  The two go hand in hand but there isn’t anything yet that will actually show people how to use certain devices/software.  I want to add a few categories such as ipad,iphone,android, web app, mobile apps and more.  If we go this direction we will need to break down the resources page even more separating the “how to” section from the “web 2.0/teaching” section.  OWNER: ALL


Content approval – For each category on the page we need an “owner” to approve the content and limit the amount of content that is presented to keep it from being redundant or simply getting to large.  I will need a volunteer for each category and if we don’t have someone for each category we will need suggestions on who can do it.



Technology How To’s: Zach B.




Family & Consumer Sciences:


Music and Theatre:

P.E. & Health:

Science :

Social Studies:

Special Services:

Engineering & Technology Education:

World Language:

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  1.   Ralph Robinson on April 21st, 2013          

    I will take charge of reviewing content for Social Studies. Just let me know exactly what I need to to to make it happen.

  2.   Anonymous on July 16th, 2016          


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