Bring Your Own Technology


Vision of K-12 students Today!

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  1. Execute and support the Indiana Common Core and Technology Essential Standards

  2. Facilitate differentiation of product, process, and presentation

  3. Increase student engagement and facilitate a student centered classroom

  4. Encourage digital citizenship and help students to become more effective at using a variety of technological media as a means to expand the scope of the classroom

  5. Motivate students in owning their learning

  6. Incorporate 21st century skills into the classroom more easily and readily

  7. Provide ways to enhance communication skills of students

  8. Enhance current PLC practices by facilitating the opportunity for staff members to share ideas, best practices, data, and strategies, which will deepen their knowledge and improve instructional practice

  9. Access and use information creatively and collaboratively

  10. Utilize higher level thinking and problem solving skills


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