A.R. Challenge

Second Grade Goal:  30 points

The school-wide Accelerated Reader Challenge (A.R.) is aimed at not only motivating students to read, but to read for understanding and comprehension.  In this program, students will be able to read designated A.R. books throughout the year.  Students can check out A.R. books in the media center, read then in the classroom, check them out from the Westfield Public Library, or read designated A.R. books at home.

Once your student has read an A.R. book either independently, with someone else, or has even had the book read to him/her, he/she can take a quiz at school. Once your student has reached 30 A.R. points, he/she will be recognized on the announcements and will receive a special prize from Mrs. Lynch, the principal.

Remember you can go to arbookfind.com to search for books you have at home so you will know if there are AR quizzes available!

Posted on February 1, 2010 by Mrs. Callahan

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