Math Challenge

Math Challenge

Please visit the links below to print off practice sheets!

Addition #1

Subtraction #1

Multiplication #1

Second Grade Goal:

100 addition facts in 5 mintutes

100 subtraction facts in 5 minutes

Once this goal is met the student will be recognized on the morning announcements and will receive a Math Whiz t-shirt. This program is designed to be challenging and will take many students quite some time to pass. This program is intended to positively motivate your student to master his/her addition and subtraction facts.

I encourage you to have your student practice, daily, his/her math facts. Flashcards will be kept in your students’s backpack for home and school use. Students can also use the links above to print copies of the math challenge for extra practice at home.

Posted on February 1, 2010 by Mrs. Callahan

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