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What did Dr. Martin Luther King taught us?

Yesterday, in class the students’ exit slip question was “What did Dr. Martin Luther King taught us?

Below is a image of the powerful message that our students wrote about lesson learned from Dr. King.  #thankful4thesestudents #thankfulforDr.King


Dr King taught us

Apologies for Kahoot Science Review game


I want to thank you all for getting the message to your child about the Science review game via Kahoot.  Unfortunately, the game did not work as I had hope.  The students were unable to see the questions and the answers options.  I have sent a request into the Kahoot company to see if there is away around this.

However, I would like to have a plan B option for this afternoon.  To work around the situation with the review game for Science, I have extended the time for the students to answer each question in hopes that I can get a picture of the question sent to the students via Remind 101.  I will try this option this afternoon starting at 1:00 and if it works, I will try it several time.

Please stay tune via Remind 101-CEW team for another attempt at trying to engaged the students on a day off from school.  #learningdoesntstop #thankfulforsupportiveparents #thankfulforeagerstudents #thankfulfortechnology

Thank you all for your patience!!!

Review for Science test (no school today)

Hope you are all staying warm today!  I introduced the game Kahoot to the students yesterday to review for an upcoming Science test on the solar system.  If your child would like to join in the Kahoot game via while being home today on a very cold day, I will be back on the Kahoot game with a game pin number for your child to join at 12:00 and at 2:00.  Stop by and check it out!!!

Thanks all for your support!