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Economic & History

As our journey of this school year continue…we have embarked on another adventure while making history each day in our classes.  We have completed the necessary standards and beyond in our science textbook.  The students discovered amazing depth of knowledge as they reflect back on the science units we studied.  We are not “letting go” of the science knowledge.  We are using the science knowledge gained and apply it in our everyday journey of solidifying the content prior to middle school.  Along the way, many miracles and “aha” moments were discovered.  Please converse with your child about what new knowledge gained in Science thus far… yet we are not finish closing the chapter on science.  As students are discovering this week that Producers and Consumers are not just science vocabulary terms.  They are recognizing that when we study Economic we are discovering a new layer of learning that Producers and Consumers goes hand in hand.  Students are experiencing the depth of learning about our economy through asking deep questions about the history of how our economic plays an important role for living organisms.  As we ventured through the Economic unit.  If there are any parents that would be interested in coming to our class present on the topic of their profession and how it plays an important role in our economic world.  As part of the College and Career Readiness, it is vital that we open the eyes of our precious gems to the reality of what occupation our children/students want to to discover more of on their educational path.  Please email me at if you would like to come and present your career with our students.  We would welcome your expertise!  Thank you for sharing your “precious gems” to our triad this year.  We are so grateful for each of our students.  They are making a difference each day at WIS.

Thankful Thursday Inspiration

Be the encourager!

Be the encourager! YOU have to BELIEVE!

Be the “CHANGE” you wish to see in the WORLD ~ Mahatma Ghandi



Thank You

Special thanks to you all for sharing the news of the TodaysMeet review session tonight.  We had a great study session!  Thanks all!!!


Science test review @ 7:30

Students interested in a review session via the web tonight may click on the link below to join (Mrs. Esterline) in a review session for tomorrow Chapter 9 test over Ecosystems and Biomes.  Our review session will begin at 7:30 p.m..  See you on the web!!!

Todaysmeet Link for Chapter 9 review




Our students are FAMOUS

Happy #givingTuesday to everyone…  Just want to share the following link to a blog that feature a post that I wrote for the Indiana Department of Education in celebrating Digital Learning Month.  I was given the opportunity to share a technology tool that engage the students in the learning process.  I included pictures of the kids in the blog post.  However, due to the safety of the students, I did not mention their names for privacy purposes.  So proud to have such an amazing group of students that I have the extra opportunity to serve each day.

 WHY Kahoot?

Thank you for allowing our triad the opportunity to share with you all!  Thank you for all your support!


Science Extra Credit

 $2000 buckaroos for a Science Challenge… Since we are wrapping up on our last chapter of Chapter 9 in our Science textbook this Friday.  Students can take the music beats from “Let It Go” from the Frozen movie and rewrite the lyrics implementing Science vocabulary terms or key ideas.  We will have a performance on Friday, February 20 before our Science test.  I have encouraged the students to be creative with this challenge.  I want to empower them to think outside the box with their creative minds.   We have an incredibly talented group of students.   Students do not have to just stick to the music of Let It Go.  The Sky is the limit!!! Please encourage your child to consider this opportunity.  This can be done with a group or individual.  If choosing to work on this as group (max of 3 students per group) This challenge is completely optional and students will also earn EXTRA Credits for the efforts put forth into this project.   The purpose of this EXTRA Credit opportunity is guide students toward connecting Science to everyday life and affirm their comprehension to own their own learning.


Science Class Celebration

This post is dedicated to my WORLD’s Greatest students!  While I was away today attending an incredible professional development, I gained more strategies to implement immediately back into the classroom.  I cannot wait to share with the students what I learned today.  Upon leaving my classroom, I asked my students to be respectful to the guest teacher.  I promised the students that they could earn a celebration for part of Science class tomorrow (Friday, February 13, 2015) if I received a positive report from the guest teacher.  Well… guess what??? My AMAZING students was not only respectful they were overwhelmingly respectful.  I’m so proud of each and everyone of you.  My heart is full of joy.  The students DEFINITELY earn a little celebration tomorrow.

Team Sun:  You ARE My SUN!  You earned a valentines day celebration for part of the class tomorrow.

Team Moon: You ARE My MOON!  You earned a PJs and short movie time celebration for part of the class tomorrow.

Team Earth: You ARE My EARTH!   You earned a donuts and digital device for part of the class tomorrow.

Congratulations to you all!  I’m one lucky teacher!!!