This post is dedicated to my WORLD’s Greatest students!  While I was away today attending an incredible professional development, I gained more strategies to implement immediately back into the classroom.  I cannot wait to share with the students what I learned today.  Upon leaving my classroom, I asked my students to be respectful to the guest teacher.  I promised the students that they could earn a celebration for part of Science class tomorrow (Friday, February 13, 2015) if I received a positive report from the guest teacher.  Well… guess what??? My AMAZING students was not only respectful they were overwhelmingly respectful.  I’m so proud of each and everyone of you.  My heart is full of joy.  The students DEFINITELY earn a little celebration tomorrow.

Team Sun:  You ARE My SUN!  You earned a valentines day celebration for part of the class tomorrow.

Team Moon: You ARE My MOON!  You earned a PJs and short movie time celebration for part of the class tomorrow.

Team Earth: You ARE My EARTH!   You earned a donuts and digital device for part of the class tomorrow.

Congratulations to you all!  I’m one lucky teacher!!!