$2000 buckaroos for a Science Challenge… Since we are wrapping up on our last chapter of Chapter 9 in our Science textbook this Friday.  Students can take the music beats from “Let It Go” from the Frozen movie and rewrite the lyrics implementing Science vocabulary terms or key ideas.  We will have a performance on Friday, February 20 before our Science test.  I have encouraged the students to be creative with this challenge.  I want to empower them to think outside the box with their creative minds.   We have an incredibly talented group of students.   Students do not have to just stick to the music of Let It Go.  The Sky is the limit!!! Please encourage your child to consider this opportunity.  This can be done with a group or individual.  If choosing to work on this as group (max of 3 students per group) This challenge is completely optional and students will also earn EXTRA Credits for the efforts put forth into this project.   The purpose of this EXTRA Credit opportunity is guide students toward connecting Science to everyday life and affirm their comprehension to own their own learning.