As our journey of this school year continue…we have embarked on another adventure while making history each day in our classes.  We have completed the necessary standards and beyond in our science textbook.  The students discovered amazing depth of knowledge as they reflect back on the science units we studied.  We are not “letting go” of the science knowledge.  We are using the science knowledge gained and apply it in our everyday journey of solidifying the content prior to middle school.  Along the way, many miracles and “aha” moments were discovered.  Please converse with your child about what new knowledge gained in Science thus far… yet we are not finish closing the chapter on science.  As students are discovering this week that Producers and Consumers are not just science vocabulary terms.  They are recognizing that when we study Economic we are discovering a new layer of learning that Producers and Consumers goes hand in hand.  Students are experiencing the depth of learning about our economy through asking deep questions about the history of how our economic plays an important role for living organisms.  As we ventured through the Economic unit.  If there are any parents that would be interested in coming to our class present on the topic of their profession and how it plays an important role in our economic world.  As part of the College and Career Readiness, it is vital that we open the eyes of our precious gems to the reality of what occupation our children/students want to to discover more of on their educational path.  Please email me at if you would like to come and present your career with our students.  We would welcome your expertise!  Thank you for sharing your “precious gems” to our triad this year.  We are so grateful for each of our students.  They are making a difference each day at WIS.