My oh my do we have such a marvelous students in our triad this year.  We never imagined that the opportunity of a student’s grandparents making a trip from North Carolina to Indiana to present the experience of Normandy with us would turn into such a powerful and treasured memory for our students.  Mr. and Mrs. Kline visited our triad on Tuesday, March 10th to share their experience of the Normandy trip that they took in October.  This story was absolutely precious as Mr. and Mrs. Kline was part of making a historic event in giving Miss Betty closure through delivering a goodbye letter that Miss Betty wrote to her brothers who passed away while fighting for our country during World World II.  Mr. and Mrs. Kline had the amazing opportunity to read the letter to Miss Betty’s brothers while they were on the trip to Normandy.  Our students had the opportunity to experience the video of Mr. and Mrs. Kline reading the letter from Miss Betty to her brothers.  What a true gift of making learning count each day for our students. #WISmakinglearningcounts

Our students were so incredibly kind in showcasing their care through making Mr. and Mrs. Kline feel so welcomed when they came to visit.  Mr. and Mrs. Kline were so impressed by the kindness and heartfelt thank you notes from the students that they wrote an article to the High Point Enterprise newspaper to express their gratitude for our Westfield students.  #CEWSTriadmakinghistory #noordinaryclass #theyareextraamazingstudents #proudteachers.  I could not be more thrilled for our students as they get to celebrate that kindness goes so far.  #Bekindandpassiton #treasureyourfamily #lifeisprecious #makeeachdaycount

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kline for allowing us to be part of this very historic event!!! We are #grateful for you!  Our students made a video as a gratitude for our students.

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Original story: Letter of Love


Our students was part of making history on March 22, 2015