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Hello! I am Ms. Glenn and this is my fifth year at WIS teaching 6th  grade Language Arts. I graduated from Butler University with a Bachelors of Science in Middle Childhood Early Adolescence Education, with concentrations in Special Education (K-6) and English (5-9). I am from Appleton, Wisconsin. I am the youngest of three kids. I have two nieces and a nephew- and another on the way! 🙂 I love to travel, play sports, canoeing, kayaking, traveling, and reading.


Philosophy of Education

I believe that each and every child is a unique individual, who needs a stimulating environment. My mission is to encourage character and leadership skills in each student by challenging him or her to mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. My desire as an educator is to help all my students reach their fullest potential by providing an environment that supports risk-taking, and invites the idea of a community of learners who share their thoughts and ideas while being delivered academic rigor. I believe that in order to have this environment I need to 1) allow the student’s natural curiosity direct his/her learning, and 2) sponsor respect for all people and 3) light the fire of life-long learning by making sure students understand the importance of learning.

I think it is important to provide information similar to a primary source so students can construct their questions and then start the search/adventure of learning. In order for students to construct knowledge I believe they need to dive in and have the opportunity to discover for themselves through hands on situations and simulations again while being held to a very high academic standard. I will present students with hands on activities and give them the opportunity for individual discovery and construction of their knowledge with always holding them to a high academic standard. If students feel that they are able to shape their educational path then they are more prideful and take their education seriously.

Encouraging natural curiosity to direct student education allows learning to become relevant to ones life and interests. Creating a curriculum that engages students physically, emotional and mentally fosters this intrinsic motivation needed to have a life long passion for learning.

A positive and respectful learning environment helps students find a passion for life and respect for themselves. When collaborative leadership styles are introduced into the classroom I feel students are able to express themselves and then all voices are heard. I believe the first week of school sets the tone for the entire year. I will have all my classes make a “Full Value Contract” that all students entering my classroom will have to follow. I believe that the more respect that is demonstrated among teachers, peers and lessons is what makes students feel safe and be successful. I do not believe that the word “fair” exists, I think that each individual should be treated by what best fits the situation at hand.

I strongly believe that kids need to be kids to learn best. By holding students to high standards and creating this “safe” environment, their love for learning will never end. I am a very passionate individual and love working with children because I am compassionate, strong and dedicated to the individual needs of many. Everyday I will to challenge myself to be the best educator possible.


Qualities of a Collaborative Leader in Ms. Glenn’s Class

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