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Students must read 3 books for each trimester outside of class. Students should be reading 20-30 minutes at least daily. Students can complete the traditional AR Quiz for their book on their own time. Grades for will be entered upon them completing the Book Report form. The AR Computer Test is for a personal challenge and will not count for or against their final grade for each Independent Book. 

Students must pick out an INDEPENDENT READING BOOK. As a class we go to the library every-other week, and students are always welcome to check-out books from my personal library. Independent Reading Books can be fiction or non-fiction. Students are required to read ONE NON-FICTION book, news article, magazine for AR a semester. Two of the books need to be pieces of literature 150+ pages- most of the time students read two fiction novels and one non-fiction piece. 

*** If student knows they are going to be absent on a due date the Independent Reading form is due BEFORE they leave, unless worked out with Ms. Glenn prior. Since the kids get the dates at the start of the trimester forms must be turned in on the day. If your student is not here please feel free to email me their work or drop off.

Trimester 1 Book Dates:

Book 1 Due Date: September 30th

Book 2 Due Date: October 30th

Book 3 Due Date:  November 9th


Trimester 2 Book Dates:

Book 1 Due Date:Dec 16th

Book 2 Due Date: Feb 3

Book 3 Due Date: Feb 28th


Trimester 3 Book Dates:

Book 1 Due Date:

Book 2 Due Date:

Book 3 Due Date:


For every book you read you must complete this worksheet ARBOOK




  1. Judith (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    Hi ms.glenn

    • glennj (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

      Hi Judith! Excited for a wonderful year with you in class!! 🙂

  2. Syna Patel (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    Hi Mrs.Glenn,
    this website has really helped me keep track
    of thing we do in class/homework
    thanks for this blog

    • glennj (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

      Syna! I am glad it is helping you! 🙂

  3. Christian Tettey (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    Hey Mrs.Paul. I;m wondering how to copy and paste the ARBOOK project. So see ya.

    • glennj (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

      Hi Christian- You can find a copy of the AR Book form on the blog. It is a PDF, so you will not be able to copy and paste it. Sorry! Happy Reading! Ms. Glenn

  4. Christian Tettey (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011

    also the dates on these messages are way off 🙂

  5. Gavin Fisher (Reply) on Sunday 11, 2011