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What does a typical day look like?

      Everyday your student will receive about 70 minutes of an uninterrupted Language Arts block. Everyday is a little different, but here are the expectations:

               – Students will have a bellwork quiz every two weeks on Friday before going to the library. One of their composition notebooks is dedicated to this information. I like to call it the one-stop-shop for reviewing for these quizzes. Each day we will spend about 15-20 minutes of class on bellwork, these skills will be spiraled through all aspects of class. Each day of the week is dedicated to a different component of Language Arts. Below is the grid for bellwork:

Monday: Writing Pompt- to get juices flowing for the week.

Tuesday: Skills

Wednesday: Roots and Vocabulary

Thursday: Grammar Goodness!

Friday: Review Day!

After bellwork we will transition into a mini-lesson that will bring our bellwork to life and transition into our novel work. Students will be reading novels in class and responding in their Reader’s Response Journal.

Homework: Everyday homework is due when the student walks into Language Arts, unless it is a special situation. Homework must have the students’ first and last name and completed in their best handwriting. If homework is not readable they may receive partial credit, or asked to redo entire assignment for partial credit. 

Late Homework: Late work will be accepted for partial credit. If your work is one day late it will be 50% and 0 after that. For third trimester late work will not be accepted. This is a school wide policy.

Absent Work: Students are expected to take responsibility for their work when they come back from being sick. If students need to check the 411 Board for their ‘We Missed You’ sheet and any other work they might have missed even if they received a homework packet. 

Technology: IPads, Kindles, laptops, Ereaders, and other sorts of technology are welcomed in class, as long as students have WWS Technology Sheet filled out and/or Ms. Glenn has approved. If students are misusing technology in class then students will no longer be able to use technology. Students must have the following contract signed by parents and student to use technology in class.

Tech Contract

Discipline System: Our goal is for our students to accept responsibilities for their actions. 

No Name Papers: Papers turned in without a name will be thrown away.  The student will be allowed to redo the assignment for a late grade.  We believe that students in the 6th grade should be held responsible for this task.


Assignment Notebooks: An assignment notebook is given to each student.  It is the student’s responsibility to bring it to class each day and write down any assignments. 


Restroom/Locker: Students are able to use the restroom before school, between classes, after lunch, and after the first bell.  We understand that sometimes students will have an emergency and need to use the restroom during class.  In the back of the assignment notebook is a page entitled Hallway Passport.  The students will have 10 hall passes each trimester to use for the restroom or locker.  They can use them in any class for an emergency.


Tardy: In order to prepare students for the middle school, we will give the students five minutes to switch classes.  They can go to their locker, use the restroom, get a drink, and get ready for class.  If a student is tardy to class then they will be tardy to lunch. 

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