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Week ending Mar. 17 Letter Tt #11

March 21st, 2016 by gunnellj


Preschool News

This Week’s Highlights:

Cheers for letter Tt and number 11! 

Crafts included putting thumbprints on letter Tt; cutting colorful tulips to hang in our classroom; and coloring and gluing totally terrific teddy bear crafts. 

We also explored a Tt basket and number 11 counting jar, traced triangles, played a timer game, and continued to perfect our “mouse skills” with Starfall computer practice time. 

We put together a top 10 list (language), danced the infamous Tooty Ta, tapped our toes, made a person train, crawled through a tunnel, and made tasty cinnamon toast. 

Today, Thursday, was the best day of all because it was Teddy Bear Day!  Our teddy bears participated in Show and Tell, assisted with craft, learned teddy bear songs, danced to music, did some marching, and enjoyed a “Tt” party with Teddy Grahams and tea (juice) served in tea cups. 

Expect teddy bears to be very tired this evening and may even want to go to bed early.  Both classes are still “off track” with their specials schedule due to testing in the upper grades.  We are hopeful that we will enjoy specials classes next week. (Our fingers are crossed!)

 shamrocks in a row

Odds and Ends:

  • Our OTES life skill for the week was a Mrs. Graff and Mrs. Gunnell favorite, organization- to plan arrange, and implement in an orderly way..   

  • Remember- as the weather warms (yay!), we will try to go on the playground daily.  Dress appropriately please.

  • Thank you to one student’s family for baking delicious sugar cookies and sending them in for a snack.

  • Thank you to another family for sending in Veggie Straws- yum!

  • We are sooo happy to welcome Miss Brady Sage who will be Mr. Butz’s student teacher for the rest of this school year- Welcome!!

 rows and rows of shamrocks

        Next Week:  

  • Letter Uu and number 12

  • Tuesday- Sharing folders due back by this day

  • Thursday- Show and Tell- something unusual and unique (?)

  • fancy shamrock

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