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Week ending April 21~ Letter Xx #15

April 22nd, 2016 by gunnellj

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This Week’s Highlights:

We experienced an exceptional week in preschool learning about letter Xx and number 15. 

Crafts included stamping X’s on Xx, coloring and gluing craft sticks into an X shape, and using stamps to make an XOXO pattern. 

We also explored an Xx basket and number 15 counting jar; made X’s with fingers, arms, and legs; discovered X’s and O’s hiding in our classroom; and used chalk to draw X’s on the playground sidewalk.  

We made and baked X breadsticks, lined all the letters to X and numbers to 15, and followed a number path leading us to number 15. 

We found several EXIT signs located in our school building, played Tic-Tac-Toe with X’s and O’s, sized X’s from little to BIG, viewed x-rays, and made x-tra delicious X snacks with pretzel rods and icing. 

The AM class experienced art on Tuesday and the PM class experienced and exceptional music lesson also on Tuesday. 


EXTRA, EXTRA- READ ALL ABOUT IT– Our own Mrs. Lucie Sulewski competed in her second Boston Marathon on Monday with a time of 3:11:34.  This averages a 7:19 minute mile for 26.2 miles. (For those of you who do not know, Mrs. Sulewski is an elite runner who competes, and wins, many marathons all over the country.)  We are so proud!!

 more flowers in a row

Odds and Ends:

  • Our OTES life skill for the week was resourcefulness- to respond to challenges and opportunities in an innovative and creative way. 

  • Please return Summer Enrichment forms by 5/13 or sooner!

  • apple juice
  • We are in need of juice to finish our school year.   If you could please donate a bottle (or two), it would be extremely helpful and appreciated!

  • flowers in a row

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