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Week ending Apr. 28 Letter Y # 16

May 2nd, 2016 by gunnellj

Preschool News

This Week’s Highlights: 

Yes, yet another great week packed with fun and learning in preschool. 

Our efforts were concentrated on letter Yy and number 16- yikes, the year is moving by so quickly

Our crafts included gluing yellow yarn on Yy and we used yarn to measure our heights and then glued that yarn on to a paper as a little preschool keepsake.

We explored a Yy basket and number 16 counting jar, yelled (a little), played with a yo-yo, rolled a yarn ball to friends, and played in the school yard. 

And, we practiced computer skills, found lots of yellow, answered yes/no questions, started yam plants growing, and baked yummy yellow cornbread.  We also used a yard stick; played in yellow cornmeal (sensory); drew with yellow markers; ate yogurt snacks; and to honor the beginning of May, compared May flowers (same and different); and played a May basket game. 

The AM class went to the library for a story on Wednesday and the PM class enjoyed PE on Tuesday.  Along with therapies and work centers; yes, we did have lots of fun and learning!  

Odds and Ends:

  • Our OTES life skill for the week was courage- to act according to ones beliefs.

  • Please return Summer Enrichment forms by 5/13 or sooner!

  • Thank you to the student’s family who visited our school wish tree and sent in glue dots- so useful for many crafts!  

  • Thank you for the families who responded to our call out for much needed juice.



     Next Week


  • Letter Zz and number 17 (The children are so excited to finally get to letter Zz) 

  • Sharing folders due back by Tuesday (last week for sharing folders to come home so that we may compile them by the end of the year)

  • Thursday- Show and Tell- something starting with Zz

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