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Week ending May 5 Letter Zz ~#17

May 5th, 2016 by gunnellj

Preschool News

This Week’s Highlights:

 The year is quickly zipping by as we celebrated letter Zz, number 17, and the best moms in the world during this past week in school.

Crafts included drawing zebra stripes on letter Zz, creating a “MOM” banner where we all drew a picture of our moms, putting together craft sticks to make a zany Z, and planting beautiful flowers for our beautiful moms.

We explored a Zz basket and number 17 counting jar, visited a pretend zoo, zipped zippers, counted zinnia flowers, and used pompoms to march to “Zippity Doo Dah”.

We learned mom songs, shared mom stories, and did a language lesson called “What’s wrong at the Zoo?”. We danced the Zoo Hokey Pokey, explored a mom bag, and went on an A-Z alphabet hunt.  We snacked on zoo (animal) crackers, Zebra cakes, and a Ziploc bag snack.

The AM class had music today (Thursday) and the PM class had art on Tuesday.  The AM class welcomed a new friend.  All the morning friends  are happy to have him with us in the morning


Odds and Ends:

  • Our OTES life skill for the week was pride- satisfaction from doing your personal best.

  • Please return Summer Enrichment forms by 5/13 or sooner!

      Next Week:

  • Review Week

  • Thursday- Show and Tell- something that has your name on it

Thank you to our room moms for planning and organizing some wonderful treats for Teacher Appreciation Week!  We loved our door decorations, Starbucks, many flowers, candy, cupcakes, plants, and lunch!  We feel sooooooo appreciated

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