The most magnificent thing (audiobook) STEM



Help kids learn







Quest for 3-d shapes (3 minutes video) (Peg + Cat)


3-D shapes (Peg + Cat)


(Peg + Cat) chicken ship  Building with shapes




Letter Quilt (audio and movement)




Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?  (Kindergarten STEM fingerprint investigation)


Powerpoint for cookie jar









Typing Games










Sight Word Bingo


Online safety:  Safe ways to use the computer



Storybook builder








Nonfiction story about Brown Bears:  Then use MyStory to draw 3 pages of facts that you remember about brown bears


(idea from




Computer generated music videos to show along with IPad app Tune Train.

Video of Preservation Hall jazz band


Video of computer generated jazz










Berenstain Bears:  Stranger Danger for internet safety


NetSmart Kidz Internet safety:  Computer book on not sharing name and pop ups







Cat in the Hat Meerkat games






Meerkat facts


black around eyes are like sunglasses

eat bugs

live in big groups called mobs


Meerkat funny video 2:20 secs








Story:  Hanukah in Alaska


Snow flake match—symmetry



Build a gingerbread house



Make a Christmas Tree




PBSKids Island:  language skills



Curious George:  Sand castle game


Beginning sounds:  Picture Match


Abby’s Sandbox Search












Research Sea Otters

National Geo Sea Otters


Sea otters actually holding hands.  Start midway through


Wild Kratts Sea Otters


Week 2:  Why don’t otters get cold when playing in the snow?


Week 2:  Otters playing in the cold


Curious George spatial mapping


Alphabet Bingo




PBSKids Island:  language skills


Make a cookie:  mouse skills
















Berenstain Bears:  Find what is wrong with the picture


Berenstain Bears:  Pack a picnic


ABC ya paint




  1. Fuzz bugs counting and sorting

2.  Number match

3.  Alphabet match

4.  Fuzz Bugs Patterns

5.  ABC ya

6.  ABC ya paint




Computer Hygiene Video


How do we treat computers carefully


Music Games for Mrs. Bell’s class




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