Tri One

Transition Word List
= List of transitional words and phrases
Paragraph Formats 
= One Point, Two Point, and Three Point Paragraph Formats
Essay Format
= Correct essay format
= List of better synonyms to replace boring words
Citing Evidence
= Explains how to cite evidence correctly


Stereotypes Unit
*Flowers for Algernon
*A Better Life
*Japanese Internment Camps
Mid-term/Test = On-line Vocab Crossword Puzzle
Mid-term/Test = On-line Flashcards and Games
Mid-term/Test = Printable Stereotypes Vocab Flashcards
Mid-term/Test = On-line Test Review

On-Line Review Activities

On-line Practice Quizzes

Viewable/Printable Resources =
Capitalization Rules
Comma Rules
Semicolon Rules
Colon Rules
Quotation Rules
Punctuating Titles Rules
The Ellipsis Rules
The Bracket Rules
Parentheses Dash Hyphen Resource

Trimester One Final Exam Review
Final exam =
Printable =Stereotypes Flashcards
Final exam = On-Line = Flashcards and Games

SpringBoard Workbook – ADVANCED only
Mid-term Material
Printable = ADV Mid-term Flashcards
On-Line =Flashcards and Games
Final Exam Material
Printable =ADV Final Flashcards
On-Line = Flashcards and Games

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