Tri Two


Strange and Mysterious Unit
*Suspenseful stories
*Mysterious stories
*Strange stories
On-line = Test Review
On-line = Vocab Games and Flashcards
Printable = Strange Mysterious Vocab Flashcards

The Giver Novel
Match the Age to the Privilege (Ch 1-6)
Arrange the Events in the Order They Occurred  (Ch 1-9)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire  (Ch 1-10)
Matching Facts to Characters
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
SAT Vocabulary On-line Flashcards and Games

Clauses and Sentence Structure

On-Line Review Activities

Viewable/Printable Sentence Structure Resources =

List of words (Subordinate Clause Markers)
Sentence Structure RESOURCE
Independent and Dependent Clauses Resource
Sentence Types Resource
**Video Instruction = Simple/Compound Video

Trimester Two Exam Review
Mid-Term Review Materials (All classes)
On-line = Flashcards and Games
Printable = Tri Two Midterm Flashcards
Final Exam Review Materials (All classes except 3rd hour)
Printable = Tri Two Flashcards
On-Line =Flashcards and Games

Final Exam Review Materials – 3rd Hour Only
On-line Vocab Crossword Puzzles
Printable = ADV Tri 2 Vocab Flashcards
On-Line = Flashcards and Games

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