Weighted Grades

On September 2, 2008, in Curriculum, WHS, by Dr. Keen

I plan to add to this blog twice a month. The purpose is to give parents and community members a place to go to find out about various initiatives of the school corporation. There is an opportunity for visitors to provide feedback. However, this site is not proposed for a dialogue. There are multiple ways the corporation receives input; this is simply one of those ways. The feedback may be used in future blogs or it may be considered during a decision-making process. Some of the topics that will be discussed in upcoming blogs are school calendar, redistricting, school starting times, and grading scales. Im sure as the year goes along legislative issues, school funding, and test results will be covered as well.

This article will deal with weighted grades. The high school administration has led a study for the past year concerning whether or not Westfield High School should move to weighted grades. There are ample numbers of pros and cons on this topic. Initially, the thought process was that there was no compelling reason to change the present practice. However, our director of guidance, through her work at the national level, discovered a trend to computerize college applications, which would favor students in a weighted grading system, so that fact carried the day for the decision. However, there was another step toward a recommendation and that was which courses would be weighted. The recommendation is being finalized and will be presented to the Board in September for consideration and, hopefully, approval. The intent is to implement weighted grades for the 2009-10 school term.

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