Stimulus Package

On March 20, 2009, in Budget, Technology, by Dr. Keen

With the passage of the stimulus package, I would like to update you on how the package will probably impact our schools. Through prudent budgeting, we are in relatively good financial shape, but unsure of the total impact of the property tax caps that fully phase in next year. We do not anticipate cutting our teaching staff, but we will cautiously and carefully approach adding staff since the stimulus package is only for two years and we do not want to create continuing costs in our budget. We believe the stimulus package will help reinforce our financial stability, but there should be some flexibility with the funds to consider one-time expenditures that impact students and do not create ongoing expenses. These would probably be in the area of technology. We will also look at capital investments that reduce operating costs, such as geothermal energy for our high school. Hopefully, the economy will turn soon, but we want to maintain quality for the long term.