Some of you may feel this is early, but last year we posted two complete calendars: one beginning August 11 and the other beginning August 18. We asked parents to provide input as to which calendar they preferred. By a 2-to-1 margin, the August 11 date was preferred because it allows school to end before Memorial Day. We will survey parents again after two years to see whether a change is needed. This will also allow us to assess any changes the State may make.

As you probably noticed, we have redesigned our web site. I hope you like the look and ease of use of the new design. Be sure to check out the Scorecard Tab, as you will be able to see district accountability, as well as school accountability. These will be updated quarterly as the data becomes available.

Finally, the PowerPoint presentation made to the staff at their opening day is posted. Some of the data shown is in a little different format than is shown on the district scorecard.

We’ve experienced a great deal of success over the past few years and are looking forward to an even better school year for 2009-2010.

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School Calendar

On September 15, 2008, in School Calendar, by Dr. Keen

We posted two versions of the 2009-10 school calendar for patron feedback. Of those who indicated a preference, the August 12 starting date was the clear choice. We also reviewed all comments and here are things we need to consider when doing the calendar or clarifications related to some of the comments:

  • Because we share special education services with all of the other county districts, our calendars need to be closely coordinated.
  • All districts in the county have the same spring break week.
  • We added the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a day off from parental input and it has been extremely popular.
  • The same is true of the Friday before spring break.
  • There is great support for two weeks off during the holidays.
  • We work with our teachers association on the calendar.
  • We try to schedule early release days for staff development to coordinate with the return of various tests in order to make instructional adjustments as quickly as possible.
  • We often hear, Why cant we start after Labor Day and get out before Memorial Day like we used to? That was when only 170 days were required and no make-up days were required. Now 180 days are required and missed days must be made up. In fact, if you started the day after Labor Day, took off the two days for Thanksgiving, attended on Christmas Eve, attended on the day after New Years, took off Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents Day, you still would have to attend after Memorial Day to get to 180 days.
  • Snow make-up days seem to cause the most confusion and we are looking at options for these. The biggest impact of where to place snow make-up days is when to schedule graduation.

We have been discussing the calendar with our teachers and hope to have the calendar adopted no later than our October board meeting.

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