School Starting Times

On October 3, 2008, in Transportation, by Dr. Keen

Prior to 1997, the elementary students started school before the middle and high school students.  In 1997, with the opening of the new high school and reorganization into an intermediate school, all students on the central campus were put on the same routes and starting times moved to before the elementary routes.

We are now large enough and have enough buses that we can transport all K-6 students on one route and all 7-12 students on another route.  There is a great deal of research that shows younger children are ready to start school earlier in the day, where older students should start later.  There is also a belief that the middle school students get into the most trouble in the community after school, so the less time between when school ends and parents get home is good for middle school students.

Because of the ability to change the bus routes and also the above information, we are studying whether or not to change the starting times of our schools for 2009-10.  A committee is considering the issue.  Athletics and child supervision are certainly two areas of interest.  This committee will develop a draft recommendation, and then hold at least one public hearing for input on the draft.  Our website, as well as school newsletters, will announce the hearing dates and place, probably in mid-October.  Check the website for information on this and other matters.

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