Just Dance 2

September 27th, 2011

So, part of my weekend included playing Just Dance 2 with some of my friends.  For the first time ever, Drew participated and I laughed so hard I cried! It was amazing!

I actually love Just Dance 2… and use it as part of my work out!

baby stuff.

September 20th, 2011

So, even though I have another six months before I am due, I can’t help but look at and shop for baby stuff all the time. 🙂 Yesterday I bought both a swing and a jumperoo off craigslist. I am really happy with both.

But, the thing I am most excited about is that I found crib bedding I absolutely love at TJ Maxx that I bought on Sunday. I also have already ordered a crib (although a piece broke in shipping so we have to wait for another part to be shipped… but obviously, I’m in no hurry.) I think putting a nursery together is so much fun and I will try to continue to post as we work on it.

Beautiful Women

September 16th, 2011

I am so lucky to be surrounded by women that I love and respect in both my family and Drew’s. (We unintentionally were all wearing colors of the rainbow, so we had to take a picture!)


Jessica (sister-in-law) , Mom, Ruth (older sister), Kristen (younger sister), Me

Being Married

September 16th, 2011


So, I just want to let everyone know that being married is an AMAZING part of life. Although many people may not agree with me, I do believe that if you find someone with whom you share equal respect and love for each other, marriage can be one of the greatest blessings life has to offer.

“Time marches on…”

September 16th, 2011

It’s amazing to measure time in the life of a child.  As an adult, a year passes and I hardly even realize it. Not that much changes. I go to the same job. I hang out with the same friends. I wake up married to the same wonderful man.  But when a year passes for a baby or a child, so much changes; it’s absolutely incredible.  We went to Kentucky this past weekend and went back to an apple orchard we had visited last October together as a family. I decided to compare the pictures of my three nieces from this year to last, and it is just incredible how much they have changed.

Nina Kate, Betsy, & Mollie – Fall 2010


Nina Kate, Betsy, & Mollie – Fall 2011

my kentucky mountain roots…

September 8th, 2011


… i think they show sometimes! 🙂 I truly enjoyed the fall like weather last weekend as I paraded around my in-laws brown county home in my overalls, flannel, and barefeet. (i also did some grading as you can see in the picture.)

who knew?

September 8th, 2011

So I decided to finally post about my pregnancy on facebook. I had taken the typical expecting mother photo of myself standing sideways so you can see my little tiny baby bump. As of right now, the post has 59 “likes” and 40 comments! I feel like some people might be annoyed by this, but I am glad that so many of my friends and acquaintances really do share in my joy and excitement.