…10 things you may or may not already know

March 4th, 2014



1.  My sister Kristen is my best friend. I hate that she lives 7 hours away in Tenn.

2. I love cardigans & scarfs…drew in  & necklaces.




3. I met my husband Drew at IWU. We were in the same group of friends our sophomore year. When another friend suggested that we get together, I said, “Seriously? He’s not my type.” 11 years later, we are HAPPILY married and have a beautiful son.


4. Our son is named Inman James. We found the name Inman in the book Cold Mountain (also made into a movie and Jude Law played the character). James is Drew’s grandfather’s first name and his father’s middle name. He will be 2 on March 21st. 🙂



5. I love my middle name … Grace.

6. My favorite color is green.




7. I live in Noblesville and I love my house. There is a horse pasture behind me where I feed the horses apples and carrots.

8.  I love my families. Most summers we go on a summer vacation with Drew’s family to South Haven MI and a fall vacation with my family to Gatlinburg, TN!

9. If I could have a part time job that consisted of just cuddling puppies my life would be perfect.

10. Honestly, the week I spend at Young Life camp each summer really is “the best week of my life.” I am really bummed I won’t be able to go to camp this summer (because of baby #2).


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