People Watching…

March 24th, 2014

I think I went through the first twenty-two years of my life without really seeing anyone. I honestly don’t think this is a bad thing.  When you aren’t observant, sometimes it makes you pretty tolerant of others! 🙂  BUT, then I married a very observant man who quickly taught me how to see the details of things around me.

It still isn’t my first instinct, but I now know how to stop and take things in.  I do think my lack of exterior observance hindered my writing in the past.  How do I create a realistic character if the only thing I know is my own thoughts and experiences.   Now, I am constantly finding myself observing others and thinking, man, what is his/her story? I could definitely create an interesting character off of him.

A couple examples… The Elvis Impersonator at American Pie last year.  A young man in a nice business suit eating at taco bell by himself. A guy in his thirties at Starbucks with two kids who DEFINITELY dressed themselves in mismatched ill fitting clothing as he himself wears his rocker t-shirt and Birkenstock sandals.

Then there is the really watching people’s mannerisms. The leg tapping. The wrist scratching. the pencil twirling. The gum chomping. The avoiding making eye contact with the teacher. The ones who never smile. The ones who are always smiling. Doodling. Blank Stares. Listening to music passively, listening to music actively with subtle sways or head nods.Anyway. I didn’t really do the exact assignment I made you guys do. But I think this post covers why I wanted you to do it…

(Me and my Hubby…)


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