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My name is Chris Mislan and I am the 4th grade teacher at Shamrock Springs Elementary. I grew up on the south-side of Indianapolis and attended Roncalli High School. Upon graduation from Roncalli I attended Tri-State University pursuing a degree in elementary education. I was a part of the basketball program and learned many great lessons in leadership and teamwork, helping me to succeed on and off the court.

I have a great family. I have an amazing wife who coaches Women’s basketball at IUPUI. I have two older sisters and one younger brother, I enjoy the time I spend with all of them. I enjoy my three beautiful nieces and hate to see them grow up too fast. I hope to start a family of my own someday and would love every second to see them grow up. Lastly, I wouldn’t be here without the help of my parents. They have helped me in so many different ways throughout my life. I appreciate all they have done for me. Overall, I just enjoy my life and hope that your child will enjoy their time here at Shamrock.Wedding Day!!


Luci is our cat and Champ is our dog. They love each other so much!



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