I hope you all enjoy the Veteran’s Day Concert tonight, at the high school. It is truly a special event. I hope that everyone enjoyed the snow this past weekend. With the weather changing, we ask that your child come to school with a winter coat, as we will be going outside throughout the winter. If they want to play in the snow, they need to have snow boots and snow pants. Please make sure they are wearing more than a sweatshirt to school, so they can get outside and work off some of the energy they will have built up. Thank you!


Reading- We are working on our Mystery unit. Toward the end of December, we will be setting up a crime scene, where the children will be super sleuths and will have a chance to work through solving a mystery. They love every second of it. We will need some parent volunteers, if you are available to help with some of the crime scene stations.


Writing- We will be pairing up reading and writing. The students will be writing their own mystery story. In the past, this has gone down as the favorite writing project.


Science- We have finished up Electricity and will move into Light and Sound next.


Math- We are working on different methods of multiplying multi-digit numbers. We have discussed the break apart (a.k.a. the distributive property) and the traditional method. If your child is struggling with this, please give it time, as the understanding of why the steps work the way they do, will show themselves the more we practice. It is so exciting seeing the light bulb go off for them.


There are a lot of great things coming in the month of December. Stay tuned for a schedule of really exciting times in the 4th grade! Zeke says, “Enjoy Thanksgiving and travel safely!”






Thank you all so much for the wonderful baby shower. I was very surprised when my wife walked through the door, holding balloons. I am so grateful for the Shamrock Family and I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a great community and support system. The gifts were wonderful and we couldn’t be more excited to share all that will be coming in the VERY near future. Also, thank you all so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with me for Parent Teacher Conferences. I know it is hard to take time for a 15 minute conversation, but I appreciate your time. It is hard to believe that it is the end of October. We have a lot of things going on around the school. At the end of this newsletter will be an updated timeline of events happening here at school that pertain to us.

PLEASE NOTE: During the parent information night, I mentioned that Pioneer Day was November 6th. We had some scheduling conflicts, so the new date of Pioneer Day is January 29th. We will send home more information with your child as the time gets near.


Reading– We are finishing our first round of book clubs. I know it can be a bit of a rocky start, but the students have adjusted well and are working hard every day to get better as a young reader. I am so happy with their determination every day. We will be working on Mysteries next and will be doing this together with the whole 4th Grade. We have some fun activities planned for them that will bring out their inner detective.

Science– We have been working on types of heat sources and heat transfer. We have been having great thinking discussions in class and the students are really engaged in what we are doing. We will be doing a couple of Science experiments to really bring out the different types of heat transfer.

Math– We have finished Addition and Subtraction and are now moving into Multiplication. I know the solid base we set with the addition and subtraction will help them tremendously with the multiplication and I am so excited to see how deep we can push them into their understanding of why Math works the way it does. Really exciting stuff!!

Word Study– We have discussed one of the best spelling “guidelines” in class called Sammy Loves Fried Zebras. This states that words with one syllable ending in a s,l,f, or z usually end in a double s,l,f, or z. We created a sheet to help us remember the rule. My hope is that they are taking these rules and the spelling skills from word study and applying them to their work in the classroom and at home.

Update on Baby Mislan

We are getting close to the due date of November 1st. We have scheduled an induction date for next Wednesday. The doctor said he doubts we will make it to that day, but at least we have an end goal. I just wanted to give you a heads up as we get closer to him being here. I will be taking a week off of school and have a substitute all set and ready to go. We are getting excited as the time nears. If you have any concerns, please feel free to email me so I can address those as quickly as possible. When I am gone, please make sure that any dismissal changes go to the office, as I will not be checking email. Thank you for your continued support and all of the prayers that have been sent our way.


October 30- Fall Parties 3-3:30

Trunk or Treat 6:30-8:30

November 5- Body Safety

November 6- Hoosier Pioneer

November 13- End of Trimester 1

Donuts with Dads 8:30

3&4 Movie Night

November 23- Veteran’s Program

November 24- Crime Scene (Parent Volunteers will be needed- More information closer to the date)

November 25-29 Thanksgiving Break







Welcome to my blog! This is where I usually send my newsletter to you. I will update with the newsletter and then, send you an email letting you know that it has been updated. Apparently, there is a change coming with this, so I will let you know if and when this happens. Please take a look around the blog. I have added the word study lists and the red words. I am sending home a permission slip to you, allowing me to post pictures on my blog of things that are happening in the classroom. You can say no, if you don’t feel comfortable and I will just refrain from putting anything on here with your child. Following is what we have going on this week in class and around the school.


Reading- We are working on the ACE strategy in class. This stands for Answer the question in a complete sentence, Cite the evidence from the text and Extend or Explain your answer. We are using some articles in a magazine right now to practice this, but it will extend to our reading club books as well. When the books come in, we will be reading adventure stories! I am so excited for this to start up as we are ready for some heavier reading and thinking in class.

Writing- We are practicing Personal Narratives in class. We are also talking about the writing procedure and the steps to being a good author.

Science- We are discussing Heat in class. We will be working on how heat is produced and the different sources of heat.

Math- We are currently working with addition and subtraction of whole numbers. We will be going into adding and subtracting into the tenths and hundredths place as well. Please keep working on those multiplication facts.

Spelling- We are talking this week about the different ways the unaccented syllable /le/ can be spelled. Unfortunately, there is no hardset rule for when one will be spelled a certain way, so this list will be a lot of memorization. Remember, your child should be bringing home his or her word study folder each night. The test Friday will cover week 1 and week 2 material.


Final reminder: Walk-a-Thon is tomorrow! The fourth grade is planning on wearing long socks, sunglasses and (if you have one available) a bandana. Please make sure your child is coming to school tomorrow with the proper clothes and shoes to get outside and exercise. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a great Hump Day tomorrow!


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