AR Challenge

Oak Trace’s Accelerated Reading (A.R.) Challenge is a school-wide motivational program much like the Math Challenge program.  It is designed to encourage students to read and comprehend various texts at their reading level.  To achieve this, students must read a designated A.R. book AND successfully complete a computer comprehension quiz over the book.  An A.R. quiz can only be taken at school.  As students read and take various quizzes, they will begin to gather a cumulative collection of A.R. points.  The more difficult the book choice, the more points a student can earn (note: most second grade-level A.R. books are worth 0.5 points).

There are benchmarks for students to meet at each subsequent grade level.  The second grade benchmark is a cumulative collection of 30 A.R. points. Once a student reaches this goal, he/she will be recognized on the morning announcements as well as receive a small reward.  Students are encouraged to exceed these expectations by continuing to rack up points.  Students are given an opportunity to both read A.R. book and take A.R. quizzes on a daily basis at school.  It is the responsibility of each student to take A.R. quizzes once they are ready.  A monthly A.R. Homework Calendar of required A.R. reading will also provide students an opportunity to read A.R. books at home.

Use the “A.R. Reading Links” in the right sidebar of this blog to help you find, read, and earn A.R. points!

Print off A.R. Quiz slips here!