Math Challenge

Math Challenge

Oak Trace’s Math Challenge program is a school-wide motivational tool used to encourage students to become proficient with recalling math facts. There are math facts benchmarks at each grade level, and once a student meets those expectations, he/she receives a “Math Whiz” t-shirt and is celebrated on the morning announcements. Once a student has met grade level expectations, he/she is challenged to work with decreased time and/or with more challenging math facts (i.e. multiplication, etc.).

Second Grade Math Challenge Expectations:

  • Complete 100 addition problems within a 5 minute time span, with 100% accuracy.
  • Complete 100 subtraction problems within a 5 minute time span, with 100% accuracy.

The Math Challenge is given once a week (usually on Thursdays). Students will get a chance to take 100 addition and 100 subtraction problems each time the Math Challenge is given. Whereas students will practice math facts in class, each student will most likely need to practice addition and subtraction facts at home because this program is a challenge for many students. I highly recommend using the math flash cards sent home and/or the practice Math Challenge pages below (Note: Students should only use the multiplication and division practice sheets below once they’ve surpassed the second grade expectations and subsequent decreased time challenges as designated in class):

Addition #1Addition #2Addition #3

Subtraction #1Subtraction #2Subtraction #3

Multiplication #1Multiplication #2Multiplication #3

Division #1Division #2Division #3