RESOURCE for upcoming lesson on multiplication

If your student struggles with these basic facts, then I’m recommending using a program called Xtra math.  The website is  I have used it to help students that I’ve worked with outside of school. I’ve found it to be very beneficial to helping them and me see which facts they know and which ones they struggle on.   If you’d like me to add your student to my account roster, please let me know and I will add them.  I will also provide you with my login info so you can work with them and monitor them on your end.  This can really provide good data points and increase self-esteem in becoming better mathematicians in the classroom.

Lesson #3 How to write decimal in written form

Written form of Decimal #’s

Lesson #2 Powers of 10 Video from class

Unit #1 Interim Assessment & Key

Practice Assessment Test–interim-assessment

Practice Assessment Test Key–interim-assessment-key-unit-1

Lesson #7 Resources

Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

Lesson #6 Resorces

Lesson #6 division-practice



Mid-Unit Test Prep

Unit #1 Test Practice (click on knock out link below #1: PDF  #2 PowerPoint)




Unit #1 Extra Practice worksheets & resources

Comparing decimals to the Thousandths

Rounding Decimals



Math Dictionary for Kids

The book Math Dictionary for Kids by T. Fitzgerald is a wonderful resource for students grade 4-9.  It is easy to navigate and is adult as well as kid friendly.  It is a completly optional purchase.  I’m attaching a link to Amazon below for you to view.  It is also available at Barnes & Noble.

Math Dictionary for Kids link