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Words Their Way Practice Activities


We began Words Their Way (Word Study) in Language Arts.  Students will be given their word study lists on Mondays and will be tested over the words on Wednesdays of the next week.  These lists are differentiated so there are up to seven different lists in one class.  Please refer to your child’s accordion file for their current lists.  

Bi-Weekly Expectations:

  1.  Students must know the definition of each prefix and sample word.
  2. Students must know to spell each spelling word.
  3. Students must understand and apply the meaning of each vocabulary enrichment word.

At Home Activities to Practice the Spelling Words:

  1.  Type/write the words 3 times each
  2.  Write the words in fancy letters
  3.  Write your words ladder/stairstep style – b, ba, bag
  4.  Have an adult quiz you
  5.  Write the Words in ABC Order
  6.  Divide the words into its syllables
  7.  Make a set of flash cards to study with
  8. Write a synonym or antonym for each word
  9.  Find the words in a book/magazine
  10.  Sort the words by their parts of speech

At Home Activities to Practice Vocabulary Words:

  1.  Write a sentence or story incorporating the vocabulary words  correctly.
  2.  Make flashcards.
  3.  Draw pictures to represent each word.  
  4.  Write a synonym for each word.
  5.  Write an antonym for each word.

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