Language Arts Updates from Mrs. Tice

By phillipss  

     This week we finished the NWEA BOY (beginning of the year) testing on Monday and Tuesday.  This information, as well as other data pieces, will help determine what tract to follow for instruction.  It is not unusual for test scores to drop after returning from summer break.  In fact, it happens more often than not, so do not be alarmed if it does happen to your child.  It is most important that over time, each student shows adequate growth.  

     We are also working on VERBS (action, linking, and helping) with a quiz on Friday.  By Monday, August 28th, we will also be finished with our first STORYWORKS non-fiction article called “Our World Turned to Water” which is about the 2016 flood in Baton Rouge.  We have/will focus on text features, comprehension, and how to summarize text.  We have also been practicing response to reading by following the ACES Model for responding to questions through writing:

A = Answer the Question Using Key Words from the Text

C = Cite Evidence from the Text to Support Your Answer

E = Elaborate/Explain the Connection between the Cited Information and Your Answer

S = Summarize your Answer, Evidence, and Explanation

     Next week, we will begin reading our first novel, Escaping the Giant Wave, in class.  This is a phenomenal book that students always LOVE!  This book always sparks a love for reading and opens the door to many other amazing books by the author, Peg Kheret.  



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