Social Studies & Science Update from Mrs. Phillips

By phillipss  

We have been learning about U.S. Regions in social studies and took a few days to learn about the solar eclipse.  Some concepts your child should have learned about solar eclipses are what happens during a solar eclipse, how to view a solar eclipse safely, and the kinds of solar eclipses – total, partial, and annular.  Students completed work in their science notebooks and turned them in for grading.  I will be grading them this week.  Ask your child to bring home his or her notebook to share.  In social studies, your child should understand the United States is divided into region to make learning about its geographical and cultural characteristics more easily.  Ask your child to name the 5 regions of the United States.  We are learning several geographical vocabulary words as well, which are located in your child’s social studies notebook.  Students will have a quiz over these words on Friday.  You can find Quizlet activities to aid in studying on the homework page.

We started our study of U.S. Regions with a general overview of the major land form regions and bodies of water across the United States, learning the aforementioned vocabulary as we go.  Today, we began study of individual regions, starting with the Northeast.  Students are invited to bring in any U.S. vacation artifacts over the next few days, if convenient, and with your permission of course.  Next week, students will get to choose from some engaging projects to showcase their knowledge of a particular region.  Here are some video links the students have enjoyed while learning about regions.

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