Help Us Help Houston!

By phillipss  

Families – 

Your students may have told you about our service project, “Help Us Help Houston.” Learning about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma made us want to help in some way, but the task seemed very overwhelming.  However, we’ve found a way to do something small which will make a BIG impact.
Lizzie Smith is a longtime friend of Mrs. Stella, who is a 6th grade teacher here at WIS.  Lizzie is a 2nd grade teacher at Kolter Elementary in Houston.  Her school was under 5 feet of water and suffered extensive damage.  
Lizzie and her fellow teachers lost everything…books, supplies, things they have collected over the years to make their classrooms fun and friendly learning environments…it’s all gone.  
The surrounding homes (where Kolter students live) were flooded to over 7 feet in some places. These families are dealing with their own losses in addition to the losses at their elementary.
We’ve decided to step in and adopt Lizzie’s classroom and Kolter Elementary. We’re collecting funds during the student lunch times to purchase classroom items and donate to the Kolter PTO.  
If you would like to donate directly, you can purchase items off of Lizzie’s Amazon wish list:
We are also collecting items of need for all who have been affected by Harvey and Irma.  These supplies can be brought directly to WIS and will be sent south through a national food bank organization.  Below you will find a list of supplies that have been requested.

What items are needed?

Household Products/Food

Diapers (sizes 4, 5, 6)

Boxed pasta

Toilet paper



Canned meat



Bar soap

Peanut butter


Canned fruit


Fruit juice

Laundry detergent

Dried beans

Feminine hygiene products

Boxed potatoes

Canned pasta meals

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