Word Study Information and Practice Ideas

By phillipss  

We have just begun Words Their Way, which is our “Word Study” program in 5th grade.  Students are grouped based on the initial placement test that we took at the start of the school year.  The Words Their Way program teaches students the spelling patterns and roots that will help them with their spelling and ability to dissect words to help with understanding of their meanings.  Students are given their word list on Monday and the quiz is always on the next Wednesday, so they are given a week and half to prepare. Students are responsible for knowing the patterns, how to spell the words on their lists, the vocabulary, easily confused words, and/or prefixes/suffixes.  Spending 10-15 minutes each night preparing for this will help them be successful on the quizzes.  Students are expected to keep their word lists in their accordion files.  I have attached a list of ideas for practice/study at home:

_____  1)  Write 24 words in ABC order.

_____  2)  Write 10 words and use a line to divide each word into its syllables. 

_____  3)  Make a set of flash cards to study with.  Part of Speech and Definition

_____  4)  Write a poem, including at minimum 5 spelling words 

_____  5)  Write a synonym for 10 words.  

_____  6)  Write an antonym for 10 words.  

_____  7)  Create a photo gallery or picture collage of at least 7 spelling words.  Drawing

_____  8)  Create  one compound sentence and one complex sentence using 5 words in each sentence 

_____  9)  Cut out letters from a magazine to build 15 words.  Glue your words onto a piece of paper. 

_____  10) Sort all words by parts of speech: noun, verb, adjective, etc. 

_____  11) Write a  tongue twister sentence for 5 of your spelling words.  (All words will start with the same letter.  Example:  Pink pigs play the  piano.) 

_____  12) Write 10 words in a secret code.  Remember to include the key for your code!

_____  13) Write 10 spelling words in pencil and then use two or three different colored crayons to trace over the words. 

_____  14) Type 10 words three times each under sort heading on the computer and print it out 

_____  15) Make a list of all your spelling words on a word  search program and print it out. Try: (http://www.puzzlemaker.com

_____  16) Have someone write 10 words but they must mix up the letters in each word.  Write the correct word next to the scrambled word.

_____  17) Create a spelling quiz using 15 words. 

_____  18)  Draw a picture for 10 words. 

_____  19)  Write a definition for 10 words.  

_____  20)  Write a story or song using at least 10 of your words. 

_____  21)  Come up with your own fun way to practice your spelling words! 

_____  22)  Write 10 words with fancy letters. 

_____  23)  Ladder Words – Write 10 spelling words as below: 
                  Example: bag

_____24) Sort according to your headings 

_____25) Sort according to affixes  example: prefix/suffix 

_____26) Add prefixes or suffixes or both to 8 words 

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