Carmel Symphony Orchestra Field Trip

By phillipss  

We have an exciting field trip to the Carmel Symphony Orchestra on November 15th at the Carmel Palladium.  This field trip will be absolutely free!  It’s an amazing experience for the children to go to the Palladium.  It’s so fancy!  Also the conductor is skilled at making this a very kid-friendly experience.  They will learn about the instrument groups and be enriched by listening to classical and contemporary music and hopefully be inspired to learn more about orchestral instruments!

Students will leave WIS at 9:45AM and should return at approximately 12:00PM.  Our class will be able to eat lunch at our normal time (when we return from the field trip).

There is NO cost to attend this field trip.  Because of the limited space available to us, we are not able to take parent chaperones with us on this field trip.  Thank you for understanding!

Please return your child’s permission slip for this field trip if you have not already done so.

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