Social Studies & Science Update

By phillipss  

We are culminating our U.S. Regions Unit this week with a project.  The kids are really engaged in a variety of activities to showcase their knowledge of a chosen region.  Some students are creating a collaborative Google slides project, some are creating amusement parks with characteristics of a U.S. region, some are creating news shows, and others are making amazing, creative personification drawings that make a U.S. region into a person.  I’m so pleased with the quality of work I am seeing and the teamwork.  We will finish projects on Monday and present on Tuesday.  This is an in class project, but hopefully your child has been telling you all about it.

This past Monday, we took time to remember the tragic event that happened on September 11, 2001.  I told the kids that this is one of those life events that most people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when it happened.  We talked about the event itself, discussed why it happened, and most importantly how people came together and helped each other.  As for the why, I explained, there is no good reason, but insanity and messed up thinking.  We watched a Brainpop video that did a wonderful job of explaining about terrorism and how terrorists groups have an agenda that they want to push on others and choose violence to get their message across.  I stressed that most people in the world are good people and we can’t let fear take over our lives.  We mostly focused on the people who help us everyday to make our world safe – police officers, fire-fighters, emergency medical technicians, and military were prominently mentioned and appreciated.  The students wrote letters to people in these lines of work and I plan to deliver them.  I want to extend a personal thank you to any of our parents who work in fields where you provide safety, medical help, protection, and care during times of crisis.

In science, we will be starting a unit on the solar system next week.  We will learn about the scale and components of the solar system, and how the movements of the earth, sun, and moon causes shadows, moon phases, night and day, and seasons.  We will use our science text books and do some hands-on activities to aid in comprehension and engagement in the topic.

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