Monthly Archives: October 2017

Personal Narrative Writing

The students completed and published their personal narrative writing projects today!  I am so proud of the students’ efforts and the way they all turned out.  We spent two full weeks working on these, including a week of revisions.  Graded papers will go home after break so please be watching for them.  I hope you […]

Guiding Principles Spirit Week!

Mark your calendars… the week of October 9th-13th we will be having a Guiding Principles Spirit Week! We want to bring more attention to our 5 Guiding Principles and what better way to do it?  Monday: Get your thinking caps on… it’s Hat Day! Tuesday: Revel in academic responsibility… wear your favorite college gear! Wednesday: Exercise your honesty. Wear exercise […]

Earth, Sun, and Moon Notes

I’m re-posting these notes from the homework page in case I have any kids who need to make up the quiz from Friday or for review. Here are the concepts you need to understand for the quiz, along with videos to review: The Earth’s rotation on its axis causes day and night.  When the Earth […]