Social Studies Update

By phillipss  

We wrapped up learning about the early English colonies of Roanoke and Jamestown.  The children were really fascinated and engaged by these early colonies.  We learned that Roanoke did not succeed.  The colonists were not well prepared to make it in the wilderness, had conflicts with Native Americans, and had to have their leader return to England get more supplies.  Since England and Spain were at war, John White, the governor, was not allowed to return to Roanoke for three years.  Once he returned, the colonists had disappeared without much trace.  The students enjoyed investigating different theories of what may have happened to the colonists.  They teamed up and analyzed possible evidence pointing to what may have happened.  They picked the theory that made the most sense to them and had to provide support for the theory they chose.  The colony of Jamestown did succeed, but after a very difficult beginning.  The children learned about the horrors of a period called the “Starving Time” and I hope they don’t have nightmares! They also really enjoyed doing an online simulation where they got to make decisions as a leader of the colony – where to settle, what kind of structure to build for shelter, how to deal with Native Americans, and so on.  They got to see whether they would have survived or not based on the decisions they made; and either be promoted to governor or fired!  We had a quiz on the Jamestown and Roanoke on Friday that I’m working on grading right now.  So far, grades have been very good; so I think they really enjoyed this unit and learned a lot.  Quizzes will come home Thursday along with some other items and grades will be updated again.

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